What Are The Advantages Of Leased Lines For Small Businesses?

Leased Line

What Are The Advantages Of Leased Lines For Small Businesses?

A leased line may, at first glance, appear to be something of an extravagant luxury. It is undoubtedly a more expensive option than the usual business broadband package and you may feel that it is hard to justify that increased cost. However, when you consider the many benefits of using a leased line for your internet you will see that there are considerable advantages and when all of the benefits are taken into account it becomes clear that such an investment is worth every penny. As an experienced wireless broadband provider, Luminet is perfectly placed to help your business take advantage of leased lines and so move faster than your competitors.

What is a leased line?

A “leased line” is a dedicated line used exclusively for your company’s broadband. If you use regular broadband services marketed to businesses your data will travel along the same cables as everybody else’s. Because the capacity of the network is not infinite at busy times your upload and download speeds can fall. The truth is that if the internet really is an “information superhighway”, it is a highway that suffers from a serious congestion problem. A leased line breaks your data out of that metaphorical traffic jam and lets you fly above the congestion along your own, personal lane. A true superhighway, unencumbered by anybody else!

Leased Line

What is Wireless Broadband?

You might well be thinking of “WiFi” here, but Wireless Broadband is a different and much more powerful technology. Unlike conventional broadband, which reaches you over the network of fibre-optic and copper cables we have always used, Wireless Broadband is in the air. As a Wireless Broadband Provider, Luminet can provide you with routers that can access the internet via our wireless masts, allowing your business to disentangle itself from wires and cables and enjoy lightning fast broadband completely free of unnecessary limitations and restrictions.

How can a Leased Line improve my business?

A leased line releases your business from the dreaded “busy periods” – those frustrating hours in the day when absolutely everyone is online leading to congestion which slows everything down and makes your downloads take hours instead of minutes and your web-browsing frustratingly sluggish – your upload and download speeds remain high, and perhaps more importantly, consistent. Internet performance can be vital to a company’s success and a leased line from an experienced wireless broadband provider such as Luminet can help to ensure that your internet is always operating at full speed.

The superior connectivity that is provided by a leased line is key to improving the efficiency of your business – especially if your business operates out of multiple offices. In a multi-office environment a leased line enables you to centralise your connectivity, allowing your people to see the same documents and view the same data regardless of which office they operate from, bringing your people closer even when they are far apart.

Making us your wireless broadband provider by taking up one of our leased lines opens a host of opportunities to streamline your business operations. It allows for instant back-up of documents to the cloud as you work – ensuring that no matter what happens the valuable records and data that your company relies on are no longer vulnerable to power outages, server crashes or any of the other disasters that keep data managers awake at night. Your data is always secure and protected.

Wireless Broadband Provider

Other bandwidth-hungry applications also become much more efficient – and thus so much more useful – as soon as you switch over to your own leased line. If global business learned anything during 2020 and 2021 it was that video conferencing is a hugely powerful tool, but that it is also a tool that is frustrating to the point of worthlessness unless everyone in the meeting has a connection that is secure and fast enough to cope. Many companies appreciated the savings in both money and time that could theoretically be achieved if instead of travelling to meet in person their staff could collaborate in cyberspace but gave up on the idea post lockdown because they found that in practice participants spent more time telling each other that they’d frozen or logging out of the meeting and back in again after they lost their signal.

But with Luminet as your wireless broadband provider, the real potential of video conferencing can truly be fulfilled. Your company’s leased line would easily be able to cope with the bandwidth needs of even the most demanding video conference – and if there are members of your team who travel regularly for meetings this alone can mean your leased line will pay for itself. As an example, imagine you have offices in London, Manchester and Glasgow, and that once a month one member of staff from your Manchester and Glasgow offices have to travel to London for meetings. The cost of travelling by train would be approximately £200 – even if your staff were able to return home on the same day and avoid the cost of an overnight stay. Add to that the amount of productivity lost while your staff are sitting on the train and you can see that effective video conferencing over a fast leased line is a solution that is financially and practically attractive.

If that were not enough, a leased line also gives your business the ability to adjust the bandwidth you are paying for as your internet needs evolve – so that you always have the capacity that you need, but you never pay for speed you don’t need. With Luminet as your wireless broadband provider you can vary your speeds to match your requirements – we can handle everything from a modest 20Mbps to a whopping 10Gbps, and we can do it quickly. Let’s say you need to accelerate from 110Mbps to 1Gbps? No problem – our engineers can make that adjustment for you within the hour. This means that no matter how quickly your internet use increases, no matter how many new staff all start work on the same day, your leased line will be able to respond to keep your business ahead of the competition.

If all that were not enough, we as the wireless broadband provider for your business Luminet can also offer you complete peace of mind. Our Network Operations Centres are monitored proactively by skilled I.T. experts twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. If there is ever a glitch you can be sure that our team will spot it and fix it before either you or your clients experience any difficulty.

So. What are the advantages of leased lines for a small business? A leased line will give you the connectivity, responsiveness and security that big businesses take for granted. As your wireless broadband provider Luminet can help your business punch above its weight in cyber space and allow you to compete on equal terms with much bigger corporations.

And we can do it quickly. Get in touch today and as your wireless internet provider we can bring you the benefits of your own exclusive leased line in just ten days. So let us help your business achieve its full potential and get the advantage you deserve.

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