3 Reasons for getting a Leased Line (and 1 reason not to)

Leased Line

3 Reasons for getting a Leased Line (and 1 reason not to)

Leased Line

As a leased line provider you might expect us to try and sell that at any opportunity given but truth be told it’s not something everyone needs.

In order to figure out whether you need it, and whether you’d need a wireless leased line or a standard one, we’ve decided to offer up a few reasons why it could be right for you and a few reasons why it might not be.

Firstly if you’re looking to know what wireless leased lines, leased line providers and related terms actually mean feel free to check out our page on the benefits of leased lines to businesses.

First reason to get a leased line: Symmetrical speeds

We’re covered this at lengths before but asymmetrical speeds of up – and downloads are simply not good enough if a lot of your work goes through cloud-based applications, video conferencing etc.

Second reason to get a leased line: Uncontended bandwidth

This will be one of the key benefits leased line providers will tell you about. Rather than sharing bandwidth with everyone who uses the same cabinet as you, you’ll be connected directly to your provider, meaning all the bandwidth is there for your perusal. No slowdown with others in your area hogging all the speed.

Third reason to get a leased line: Speed of set-up

Now, this is specifically for a wireless leased line. Due to not requiring new wiring into your building like fibre would a wireless leased line can be set up incredibly quickly. Luminet specifically can get you set up with a wireless connection in 10 working days!

One reason not to get a leased line: It’s more expensive

Leased LineDon’t take this to mean that it’s not worth the investment but rather to think of what you’re truly investing in. If you look at your business and struggle to see a return of investment by upgrading your connection, a wireless leased line is unlikely to change your mind.

However, if you think it might be exactly what your business needs, reach out to a leased line provider and it just so happens you’re on the website of one already so give us a call, send us an email or chat here on the website and we’ll get you set up with exactly what you need.