Importance of high speed internet connection for your business

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Importance of high speed internet connection for your business

If you are in any kind of business then you simply have to be online. We live in a hyper-connected world and there are very few – if any – enterprises in these highly connected times that have no need of an internet presence. Whether you are completing million pound financial deals in global markets, running an online extension of your bricks and mortar store or selling hand thrown coffee mugs on Etsy an internet connection is as crucial to a modern business as a telephone line was fifty years ago and a regular postal service was a hundred and fifty years ago.

History demonstrates that when it comes to communications technology speed has always been king. This has been understood since the eighteenth century when so much effort was expended to ensure that the Mail Coaches were as fast as a horse drawn service could be. In the nineteenth century it was the increased speed at which information could be transmitted that fuelled the rapid growth of the telegraph system, with telephones and radio further increasing that speed in the early twentieth century.

At every stage new technologies that have increased the speed at which business information can be delivered have made fortunes and driven the growth not just of individual businesses but of entire markets. With every improvement in the speed at which trades could be made and deals could be done businesses have found new opportunities.

Now we have the internet. But not all internet is created equal. Back in the early days of the World Wide Web speeds were so low that many people wrote it off as nothing more than a passing fad, a novelty. It was not really until broadband became available that the internet came to rival and eventually replace older communication technologies. Speed really does matter.

So if you are in business you need a business internet provider that understands exactly what your speed and bandwidth needs are. Perhaps more importantly you need a business internet provider that has the ability to tailor the service it provides to meet those needs. As a customer you need the ability to get the speeds and bandwidth you need, but you also do not want to pay for capability you do not need. You should also remember that commercial internet is not the same as domestic internet. You use it for different things, subject it to different pressures and the consequences of an internet outage are very different indeed.

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There are certainly circumstances where you will require relatively high bandwidth at home. Online gaming and streaming video both require a fast connection. But the consequences of failure are relatively minor. Not being able to stream that film on Netflix or finish that game of Skyrim is certainly annoying, but in the grand scheme of things it does not matter all that much – there is always something else you can do until your connection is restored.

Commercial internet is a very different proposition. If you cannot stream your Netflix show at the same time as your kids are playing online games that is an annoyance but it is something that can be resolved by making your kids do their homework. If you need to video conference with a potential client in New York and your connection is unstable because another team is on an equally important conference call in the meeting room next door? You can hardly tell them to talk to their clients later.

That kind of issue has the potential to make you look like a less professional, less reliable supplier especially if you lose the connection altogether and drop out of the meeting completely. What if you are a financial company making high value trades in a market where the difference of mere fractions of a second can change the value of a deal? You really do need to know for certain that you can rely on the speed of your connection.

That is why finding the right business internet provider is such an important thing. At Luminet we understand that the goal of commercial internet must be not just maintaining the standards our clients have come to expect but also anticipating the ever increasing demands that come with new applications and online services. As an experienced and forward looking business internet provider we know all too well that services which once seemed to be peripheral luxuries can become imperative and vital almost overnight.

Zoom is a good example of this. Back in January 2020 it was nothing more than a cool video conferencing service that most people had never heard of. More than that, most people who did know about it regarded it as a nice but slightly unnecessary thing that they might use occasionally but would never actually need to rely on. Then the pandemic happened. Suddenly not only were people neither able nor willing to jump on a train and go to a meeting with colleagues or clients in another city, people could not even meet around the same table in their offices.

In the space of weeks the way businesses across the globe communicated with each other had changed and Zoom had become something that hundreds of thousands of people were using for a large part of their day. Video conferencing and meeting colleagues over Zoom from whichever room had been hastily converted into the “office” became the only way a lot of business could be done. As a result the bandwidth demands on commercial internet mushroomed and many business internet providers struggled to keep up. It was the businesses with access to the higher speed internet connections that were able to react to the situation more quickly which were able to gain a clear advantage over their more sluggish competitors.

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We are pleased to say that when unexpected circumstances cause these issues for our clients we have the capability to absorb the shocks. Whatever speeds your business needs, whatever your bandwidth demands Luminet is able to provide the service you need. Whether your needs are best served by regular broadband, fibre broadband or a dedicated leased line we can deliver the advantages that come with a high speed internet connection and we can do it with consistency in a cost effective way that makes sense for you.

We have the capability to eliminate outages and offer a 100% uptime guarantee. Our leased lines can offer “burstable” broadband giving you the ability to “dial-up” your bandwidth as and when your needs increase, meaning you have the ability to react when new online services suddenly become vital and cause your bandwidth requirements to grow rapidly.

So when you are looking for a business internet provider you should make speed and reliability your watchwords. If you have the speed you have the ability to do everything you need to do online secure in the knowledge that your connection can cope with your demands. In today’s hyper-connected world a reliable high speed internet connection is probably the most important utility your business uses, so you should choose your commercial internet supplier with the utmost care. We think we are best placed to help, so come and talk to us and find out what we can do for your business.

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