Business Leased Line Provider

Business Leased Line Provider

The benefit of a wireless leased line may be one of the best kept secrets in connectivity; a title Luminet has carried as not only a provider of leased lines in London themselves but in terms of business connectivity in general.

As a leased line provider Luminet’s unique offering falls within this specific field. Our wireless leased lines offer line-of-sight connectivity via microwave antennas which means no waiting around for fibre installation and you have full control of your own bandwidth. A business leased line, regardless of whether it’s wireless or not, comes with its own set of benefits which we’ve previously compared to both having your own private lane on the highway and having a private elevator in our blogs.

You don’t need to worry about how much bandwidth is being taken up by others as your leased line provider will make sure it’s there for you and only you. Luminet can offer business leased lines outside of the wireless option as well so if you’re looking for a leased line in London, regardless of your requirements, get in touch with us and let’s see what we can do for you.

  • Business leased line available both wired and wireless with speeds up to 10 gbps
  • Wireless leased line in London via microwave antennas set up within 10 working days!
  • If you’d like to learn more get in touch with Luminet, the premier leased line provider
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Get connected, fast

Get your business on-net and connected in under 10 working days – no one delivers faster.
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Built for resilience

Enjoy resilient connectivity from the only carrier with a 100% service uptime guarantee.
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Keeping you connected 24/7

Our NOC is proactively monitored, and supported by our London based technical team 24/7/365.
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Designed for evolution

With burstable bandwidth we can quickly and easily scale your connectivity as your business grows.