Are You Paying Too Much For Your Business Broadband?

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Are You Paying Too Much For Your Business Broadband?

If you are in business, you know very well that you need fast and reliable Business Broadband. London based companies have much more choice than most, as the capital continues to build ever more fibre optic and microwave broadband infrastructure, with shiny new tech start-ups and innovative communications companies springing to life every day, all offering radical new ways for your business to get online. Fibre optic providers, WIFI providers, just so many companies offering such a vast range of services at so many different price points it can be difficult to be sure that your business broadband is good value or not.

As a business you will understand that your broadband connection is an absolutely essential service that you cannot possibly do without. But as a business you also know that the price you pay for your business broadband is an overhead that you need to keep as low as possible while at the same time retaining the best, most reliable service. The fine line between “you get what you pay for” and “we are definitely paying over the odds for this” is a very difficult one to walk.

Fortunately you can rest assured that Luminet is here to help you and your business work things out. We are already assisting hundreds of businesses to forge their way into the super high speed fibre optic future, and we are also leading WIFI providers, giving businesses with no access to a fibre optic internet connection access to similar speeds and bandwidths via a microwave internet connection – our network in the sky.

To get a clear picture of whether the price you pay for your current broadband is too high you need to consider what your internet needs are, what services you need and what you are actually getting from your current business broadband provider. If your business is currently dependent on the traditional copper wire network the capacity of your broadband is without doubt limited – electromagnetic disruption, electronic resistance and the fact that those copper wires are perpetually carrying all of the ADSL broadband and all of the landline calls on the local exchange mean that your regular broadband can never deliver consistent speeds and at busy times lag will be noticeable.

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For most domestic users this is probably never really anything more than a mild irritation. But when we are dealing with business broadband we understand that speed equals time, and time equals money. If your broadband is coming to you over the copper network can it really be giving you the performance that you need? Genuinely, probably not. You might not realise it, but if your broadband is still based on the old-fashioned ADSL network you are absolutely missing out on the benefits and increased value for money that fibre and/or microwave internet connections can give you.

Our fibre optic business broadband in London can deliver internet speeds of one gigabit per second, which is orders of magnitude faster than the copper cable network that is home to your ADSL connection could ever deliver. If we become your WIFI providers and you opt for a microwave internet connection, which has a lower latency than fibre, we can deliver speeds even greater than that – up to a staggering five gigabits per second. We think that with the current technology and online services currently available that is faster than you are likely to need, so you should consider just how much speed your business broadband needs to have.

At Luminet we offer our customers what we call a “burstable broadband” solution. Whether you opt for full fibre broadband, a leased line, a microwave internet connection or some combination of all three we can give you the speeds and bandwidths appropriate to your business needs, without charging you for performance your business will not benefit from. If you have no need for five gigabit speeds at the moment, we can start you off at a level that is more appropriate for the needs of your business. As your business grows and your internet traffic increases, or when new online services that demand higher speeds become necessary to you, your business broadband can burst upwards, and we can deliver those higher speeds as and when you require them.

As the leading WIFI providers in London we are proud of our microwave internet services which can help you reduce costs in a number of ways. If you are moving into new premises, you should consider that due to our microwave internet connections needing almost no infrastructure, you can avoid any of the installation costs that can be associated with installing cables. All you need to connect to our “network in the sky” is a microwave antenna and a power supply, so not only is installation easier than pulling cables it can be very fast.

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Whatever type of connection your business chooses to use, we will have it installed, up and running in ten business days. Nobody connects business broadband in London faster than us, so you can start to take advantage of the benefits that our fibre optic broadband and microwave internet connections can deliver without delay.

This is how we at Luminet can offer our business broadband customers in London a very high degree of flexibility, which gives our customers the ability to control the cost of their internet connection, ensuring that we deliver the precise service they need, but that they never have to pay for capacity they do not. In most cases a “one size fits all” approach does not fit anyone correctly, and such internet packages often fail to be properly cost-effective. Are you paying for services you have no need of? If you are then you are clearly paying more than you need to. Switching to a supplier that allows your business broadband maximum flexibility could be the source of great savings.

We also guarantee to keep your business broadband online and working. At Luminet we offer all of our customers a one hundred percent uptime guarantee with its business broadband. London has no other internet provider that can make such a claim. Luminet is able to do so because not only do we offer a variety of incredibly resilient types of connections we also maintain a Network Operations Centre which is monitored twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year by our highly experienced technical experts.

This means that we are able to completely eliminate any potentially costly lapses in your internet connectivity which can happen all too easily when your connection is reliant on the old copper-based infrastructure. This also means that we are the only internet service provider that promises your business will always get the service that you are paying for. You might consider that if you are paying for a service, you might not actually get it, then you really are paying too much.

So come and talk to us about our business broadband, London – we think that we can demonstrate that Luminet can deliver a more cost-effective service than anyone else, by giving you everything you need from your internet service provider and absolutely nothing that you don’t.

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