Microwave Broadband Connection Provider

Microwave Broadband Connection Provider

What would happen to your business if you’d suddenly lose all connectivity?

How long could you last with no connection at all?

If your main connection goes down, do you have a backup?

These are questions businesses are asking themselves increasingly with the reliance on fast and constant connections growing with each day. This is not only a worry in the case of an outage as businesses have found themselves out in the cold connection-wise when moving into a new office; having to retain two offices until fibre has been set up in the new space. When you consider that hooking up a brand new space to fibre in London can take months it’s no wonder microwave internet connections are a growing trend in the area.

“Microwave internet connection” is not exactly something most of us tend to hear every day but it’s a fast growing technology due in no small part to the rapid deployment and reliability it offers. Luminet offers microwave broadband in London along with our other services and we’re able to deliver it within 10 working days, meaning there’s no pesky wait which is especially valuable when moving into an office or setting up a new one.

A microwave broadband connection utilises antennas with line-of-sight to larger communication towers like the BT tower in London to deliver not only rapid deployment but great speed and, when coupled with fibre, a guarantee of 100% uptime; if one connection fails you’ve got another one to carry the load.

  • Microwave broadband in London is fast growing
    • This is partially due to the resilience of the microwave broadband connection but also due to the rapid deployment, getting you up and running within 10 business days
  • Perfect for office moves and buildings requiring multi-tenant internet.
  • A popular choice for managed offices and co-working spaces
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Get your business on-net and connected in under 10 working days – no one delivers faster.
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Enjoy resilient connectivity from the only carrier with a 100% service uptime guarantee.
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Our NOC is proactively monitored, and supported by our London based technical team 24/7/365.
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With burstable bandwidth we can quickly and easily scale your connectivity as your business grows.