Business Internet Broadband Provider

Business Internet Broadband Provider

Having a reliable broadband connection is absolutely vital to running a business today. Not only is commercial internet needed for the standards we’ve been used to for the past decades but an ever-increasing amount of applications and processes require a constant connection, some of which are mission critical!

Due to this, finding the right business internet provider for your needs becomes especially important. You want someone who understands what it takes to run a business in today’s economic landscape, someone who knows commercial internet inside and out and knows that considering the speed at which business moves today you need your broadband connection to be even faster!

So if you’re looking for business wireless broadband in London look no further. Luminet is the premier business internet provider, offering a number of options for commercial internet, delivering fast broadband connections quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for standard fibre, wireless broadband connections, leased lines or any combination thereof Luminet is the business internet provider for you.

  • The best provider of business wireless broadband in London
  • A variety of options to ensure you get the broadband connection you need
  • Possibility of multiple types of connections to ensure 100% uptime
    • This includes traditional broadband connections, wireless broadband, leased lines and more.
  • Wireless connections deployed within 10 business days!
Luminet Core Network

Get connected, fast

Get your business on-net and connected in under 10 working days – no one delivers faster.
Luminet Trust

Built for resilience

Enjoy resilient connectivity from the only carrier with a 100% service uptime guarantee.
Luminet Dedicated Account Manager

Keeping you connected 24/7

Our NOC is proactively monitored, and supported by our London based technical team 24/7/365.
Luminet Internet

Designed for evolution

With burstable bandwidth we can quickly and easily scale your connectivity as your business grows.