Why is Fibre Optic WIFI Better than Regular WIFI?

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Why is Fibre Optic WIFI Better than Regular WIFI?

Technology has transformed the way people operate. In the modern age, people search for commodities online before they place their orders. Businesses are now spending more on online marketing compared to traditional marketing strategies. That means people are relying on internet connectivity more than they used to before.

Effective business and personal communication depends on the reliability of the internet connectivity you have. The satisfaction of your workers, clients, colleagues, and business partners depends on your internet connection. Besides, it impacts your efficiency, level of productivity, and the reputation you attract. Therefore, you should always choose the right Fibre Optic Broadband Providers for the best results.

If you aren’t an expert in issues of internet connectivity, you may not know how to distinguish fibre optic from cable WiFi. All you are interested in is reliable internet. You don’t want to experience cases of frozen screens when you are busy looking for important information online.

Throughout your time using the internet, you may have dealt with two connectivity types; fibre and cable. They operate differently. What should you know about the WiFi types? Why should you choose fibre optic WiFi instead of Regular WiFi? Here are the important details that you should understand:

The Structure of Fibre and Cable Internet Connections

You should understand that the technology that applies in cable television is the same as what is used in Cable internet. Data in both instances is transmitted using a coaxial cable also called a coax cable. The cable is made from copper with aluminum insulation. The outer sides of this cable are protected using plastic.

The service providers who use these cables can transmit internet and television signals concurrently. However, you need a robust cable modem transmission system if you are to use the internet. You should understand that as the wires transmit the internet signals, their temperatures increase. Therefore, you are likely to experience some warm temperatures and incidences of speed reduction when you are using cable internet.

In the case of fibre internet, the system uses fibre optic cables. The cables can be made using glass, plastic, or a combination of the two. With these strands, internet data is transmitted over a long distance.

Fibre optic internet connection

What are the types of internet connections that you can use with fibre optic cables? The 3 most important ones are explained below:

  • Fibre To the Premises and home (FTTP/ FTTH)

When you want the fastest internet, this is the type to go for. Your connection is bound to be strong as the fibres reach the specific location of your premises.

  • Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)

With this connection, the fibre cable doesn’t get to your door. You should get it from the utility pole using a copper wire. Therefore, the connectivity may not be as strong as the FTTP/ FTTH option.

  • Fibre To The Node (FTTN)

In this case, the fibre optics are a short distance from your home. It is the slowest when compared to the other options. The speed is still decent when you obtain the services from reliable Fibre Optic Broadband Providers.

Comparing the Speeds of Fibre and Cable Internet

When you are dealing with cable internet, the download speed ranges somewhere between 10 to 500 Mbps. The upload speed is between 5 Mbps and 10 Mbps. However, these speeds reduce depending on the number of people using the internet at the same time. The speed isn’t ideal for large businesses that are heavily reliant on internet connectivity.

Although cable internet supports heavy downloading, heavy traffic interferes with network speed. If you use it during peak hours, you should be ready to deal with a 25% reduction in internet speed. Therefore, it may not be reliable in such instances.

When you are looking for fast internet, you should hire reliable Fibre Optic Broadband Providers. Whether you are downloading or uploading documents, photos, or videos, the internet speed never goes below 250 Mbps. Regardless of the number of people who are using the internet network, the speed isn’t affected. If you need an internet connection that is ideal for those who are heavily reliant on the internet, this is the right one. Its speed is perfect even during peak periods.

How Reliable Are the Internet Connection Types?

It feels frustrating to experience an internet downtime when you are watching an interesting movie or the network doesn’t work during an important Zoom meeting. You are likely to experience such when you are using cable internet. Such interruptions may be costly for you and your business.

Although cable internet is generally reliable, things are different during peak hours. When many people are accessing the internet, the wires get overloaded. Besides, cable internet needs to be energized. During power outages, you lose the internet connection.

Do you need Business Broadband in London? If yes, you should go for fibre optic internet. Even with power outages, you still enjoy internet connectivity. Besides, the internet speed isn’t affected by peak hours. You can stream content seamlessly regardless of the number of users.

Business Broadband in London

The Number of Devices That You Can Use

Homes and businesses use different internet-enabled devices. Gone is the period when a household relied on a single computer for use by all family members. The smart devices that you are likely to encounter in both homes and business ventures include laptops, phones, and tablets among others. They all need a stable internet connection to work efficiently.

When you are using cable internet, you notice that the speed reduces as the number of devices increases. It may get to a point where you are unable to stream any content. You may have to disconnect some devices. That may leave you as a frustrated internet customer.

Business Broadband in London is available to save you. Fibre optic internet connection is always stable. It doesn’t matter the number of devices that are in use. Different people and devices can stream HD videos at the same time without any issues. It is this type of internet that you need to make your life easy.

Good Quality in TV Streaming

The number of people purchasing 4K TVs is on the rise. A 2019 report shows that more than 110 million people bought the devices in that year alone. TVs of this nature display high-quality pictures. They also use more internet bandwidth.

With a cable internet speed that may get to less than 100 Mbps, the internet streaming in the 4K TVs may not achieve the expected standards. You may be left frustrated in such circumstances. Therefore, you need a more reliable internet connection in this case.

With a fibre internet connection, the average speed is 500 Mbps. Therefore, you encounter no problem when you need to stream 4K quality videos. You are always sure of enjoying the convenience.

The Cost and Value Offered to Clients

At the moment, cable internet is more accessible. The installation cost is also lower. However, you may not get the value that you are looking for. Network interruptions make it an unreliable option.

The cost of installing fibre optic internet is a bit higher. However, you are assured of getting value as you enjoy high speed and reliability. Get Business Broadband in London and begin enjoying fast internet.

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