Intelligent Connectivity for Seamless Business


Intelligent Connectivity for Seamless Business

What is Intelligent Connectivity?
Intelligent connectivity is the culmination of the underlying data and communication technologies that can connect everything from smartphones to driverless cars to a rich infrastructure. Often referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’, the invisible system of connections between people and devices containing embedded technology to communicate, sense or interact with their external or internal environments enables ultra-high performance with guaranteed service levels.

The phrase ‘Internet of Things’ reflects the developing number of smart, connected, products and highlights the new prospects they can signify. The Internet, whether involving people or things, is a mechanism for transmitting information.
Connectivity of this level permits complete business integration, with some capabilities of products able to exist outside of the physical device in the product cloud. Data received from these products can be evaluated to improve operational efficiencies and allow for better informed decisions.

Smart products with connectivity are comprised of three components: physical, smart and connectivity. The product’s mechanical and electrical parts are referred to as the physical. The smart components comprise of sensors, microprocessors, data storage, controls, software and an embedded operating system with enhanced user interface.

Connectivity comprises of ports, antennae and protocols enabling wired/wireless connections that allows data to be exchanged with the products and existence in the product cloud.

Each component works to enhance the features of one another which results in a seamless cycle of improvement. The smart components amplify the proficiencies of the physical mechanisms and the connectivity boosts the value of the capabilities of the smart components.

What issues are businesses having?
A problem faced by some companies is that they can be reluctant to change their current operating models, despite being unaware of how their network applications are functioning and thus not being able to identify and add quality of service to the positive applications. Equally, the inability to sanction off the bad in real time is an inevitable negative as this means effective implementation of network policies cannot be achieved.

Network applications that are identified as operating positively can be harnessed by intelligent connectivity to dovetail with user engagement specific to place and application. Network data can be leveraged into impression marketing over any physical device via any channel to deliver the right message to the right device at the optimum time.

How can Intelligent Connectivity improve business?
In simplistic terms, the benefit of harnessing intelligent connectivity for business allows, once products and services are connected, for an interconnected management solution. Companies can then evolve to offer more complex, higher-value offerings whilst also improving efficiency and business growth.

Luminet’s resilient and diverse Wireless Lite / Pro service can be installed quickly and effectively to provide business with up to 5Gbps of symmetrical broadband internet connectivity. The unique service works over rooftops, unlike the traditional Fibre Leased Line which runs underground, employing wireless microwave technology which avoids lengthy install periods and avoidable construction work. With an AES encryption as standard and a 99.95% Service Level Agreement, it enables companies to feel confident in the knowledge that they will never be left without the connectivity needed for seamless business.

Disaster recovery from Luminet
Luminet’s connectivity prowess was put to the test in April 2015. The Investment Association, the UK’s trade body for the investment management industry, based in Holborn, was plunged into a technological black hole when a catastrophic fire broke out in a neighbouring building. Given the Association’s proximity to the inferno, internet and telephone connections went down, followed by electricity failing for the whole building, and a mass evacuation by emergency services took place.

Chief Operating Officer, Jack Knight, was tasked with the challenge of getting the business back online as quickly as possible, despite nobody being able to enter the companies’ offices. It was quickly decided that connectivity was key for staff to work remotely at home.

Once safe, the Luminet team arrived at the site and installed the wireless antenna onto the building’s roof. From installation to going live took two hours.
The severance of the Fibre line, a result of the fire, was a blessing in disguise. With the Fibre line now reconnected, The Investment Association opted to keep the Luminet Wireless Pro connection – allowing staff to work remotely and acting as a buffer for any future damage of the line.

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