Events Issue Solved


Events Issue Solved

Luminet was called upon by long-time partner, Attend2IT, when faced with a Wi-Fi events issue. Attend2IT, founded in 2008, delivers high-end IT solutions that are designed around the demanding timelines of the event industry. The team works on international events, providing the best solutions in press and guest Wi-Fi, video streaming, telephony, digital signage and fully compliant mobile payment technologies.

The goal for Attend2IT is to deliver the best solution for client’s events and the challenge is constant. It is common knowledge that satellite connectivity is the simplest and quickest solution for event connectivity, however, it can be unpredictable and lacks VPN support.

Attemd2IT want clients to have high quality connectivity that isn’t dampened by its temporary use and can be immediately installed.

Together, Luminet and Attend2IT have collaborated on a multitude of events and shows, with Luminet providing Luminet Wireless Pro (100Mbps uncontended point-to-point) connectivity for Attend2IT’s clients when unparalleled network quality is needed.

A valued repeat customer, for whom connectivity is paramount, hosts a 15-minute demonstration event in central London every year. The network connection that is provided supports pre-event activity such as; production networks and stage build. On the day of the event itself, the network is used by crew, press and guests.

It is essential that Attend2IT can prioritise network access for staff, crew and press (a crucial audience) and Luminet’s network capabilities allows for this, and also fully supports VPN access.

Whether for a single afternoon, or up to 12 months, Luminet are experienced in delivering high-bandwidth and wireless connectivity. Tailoring packages to suit the needs of the client, Luminet offer speedy deployment and have worked on a variety of high-profile and prestigious events.

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