4 Reasons Why Businesses Need Reliable Broadband Solutions


4 Reasons Why Businesses Need Reliable Broadband Solutions

Over the past few years computing and communications have changed dramatically, and undeniably shape the way we think, work, and live. During this evolution, broadband networks have also had to keep up with the pace; high speed internet is now having a profound effect on businesses globally. If you are yet to switch your company on to high speed business internet, check out the benefits below.

Smart Device Connectivity

Throughout businesses today, it is not just desktop PCs and laptops battling for bandwidth. In most offices, smartphones, tablets, laptops, media players, computers, and e-readers will all be connected via WiFi and struggling to function to their full potential if connected to a basic broadband network.

The issue with basic broadband in the workplace is that when a multitude of devices are competing for the same limited bandwidth, the slow speeds can cause a serious bottleneck. Basic broadband is no longer enough to support the staggering amount of different internet-connected devices throughout businesses premises.

Utilise All Online Services

Have you ever been using Skype and the call has dropped out? Or has Apple iCloud ever caused you an issue? A number of bandwidth-intensive services (like Netflix, Carbonite, and Spotify) use broadband as a delivery mechanism to their customers. For this reason, if your office uses the following regularly, you will definitely need to upgrade to superfast business broadband:

  • Video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, BT Vision, Sky Go, ITV Player
  • Downloading of any HD content
  • TV and video downloads from the likes of Apple iTunes or Sky Anytime Plus
  • Music streaming from Spotify or a similar programme
  • Voice and video telephony services (Skype and Apply FaceTime)
  • Online backup services including Livedrive, Apple iCloud, and Carbonite

Regular broadband in your office will make it difficult to be able to use all of the above services, which can be frustrating when trying to liaise with clients over Skype, or download HD content as part of a project. Without having highspeed internet, your staff will have a reduced set of services to use.

Essential for All Businesses

Whether blue-chip or start-up, having superfast broadband is becoming increasingly essential for all businesses. In larger companies with countless employees, having a reliable and fast internet solution means that there is no longer a battle to access the slow and limited broadband services that offices have become accustomed to over the years. Upgrading internet systems can improve productivity, increase creativity, and provide flexibility for staff.

For companies as a whole, superfast broadband can also improve efficiency and save money through improved sales and marketing, an increase of online ordering and invoicing, enhanced VoIP services, and improved access to cloud-based services.

Ability to Work from Home

If you dream of a greater work-life balance, invest in superfast broadband at home. Many companies allow staff to work from home regularly, particularly those with family commitments, but it is not always feasible if you are relying on conventional broadband. Working from home means you will need 100% always on internet that will allow you to use any service you need to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers and remotely access company systems.