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Case study


About Smart IPX

Smart IPX provides outsourced operational support to service providers either working with their customers’ existing infrastructure, or supplying a fully managed service, from design and build to operation, maintenance and customer support. Based in Docklands, London, Smart IPX’s service teams provide 24/7 support which is fully compliant with the ISO 9001 certification.

The Challenge

Smart IPX was engaged by an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) launching a business in 2015. The MVNO intended to cater to the discerning corporate M2M connectivity market – supporting fieldworkers, remote workers and data sources – and their often unique and demanding security, policy and uptime requirements. 

The MVNO had a wholesale agreement with one of the UK’s leading mobile operators. Smart IPX CEO Paul Tindley said: “They wanted to build an infrastructure that was as virtual and as lean as possible, from start-up to growth.” As a result, Smart IPX was engaged to provide all billing and operational support, as well as managing an interconnect partner that could add to the value proposition.

Tindley added: “We are very experienced in providing MVNO enablement platforms, but we were adamant that the network infrastructure partner for the interconnect to the mobile operator had to be best-of-breed and agile, with an eye on adding their own value to the delivery.”

Crucially, the MVNO needed its operational and network partners to help it differentiate its service – an essential requirement for success in the enterprise market.

With the service provider set to launch early in 2015, the MVNO was looking for partners that could scale with demand as its business grew. It was hoping to pay for connectivity on a per-SIM basis, with an initial customer target of 20,000 active SIMs, but with the capacity within the design build to scale rapidly to meet significantly higher growth expectations.

The Approach

Tindley was aware of Luminet’s considerable investments in the intelligence capability of its network. 

Using commercial benchmarking information to decide upon the approach with the MVNO, Smart IPX “had no doubt that Luminet was the right partner with the right skills and network capability to answer the brief.” 

Luminet’s enhancement of its Intelligent Network included the addition of policy traffic switches which enable high levels of control over traffic routing, application performance management and, therefore, ultimately end user experience. By using Luminet’s network as its core interconnect, the MVNO is able to manage policies and routing on a per-SIM basis.

It can choose which public ISPs, or onward direct interconnect network to send traffic on to; determined by quality requirements, security and encryption policies, and data protection. The MVNO anticipates that customers, when arranging superior quality network performance for business critical apps, will not want this premium bandwidth used for periphery applications such as YouTube. To address this, Luminet’s policy traffic switches enable the MVNO to block applications on a per-SIM basis, ring-fencing the M2M data application transfer which is the product focus for the customer. 

More importantly, based upon its requirement to differentiate services in the enterprise and public sector markets, the MVNO is able to use this network intelligence to offer different service specifications designed to cater to the unique requirements of certain sectors.

Commenting on the implementation process, Tindley said; “Luminet and Smart IPX worked closely together to ensure timescales were kept on track. When providing interconnect with a global network operator, the process and timeframes are largely determined by the wholesale operator, requiring us to be both proactive and reactive in order to keep momentum.”

Luminet is able to cater to the MVNO’s per-SIM billing for scalability, and the high service level and uptime requirements are met by Luminet’s resilient network infrastructure. This infrastructure uses both redundant backup and network technology diversity for complete independence between primary and failover connections.

The Results

Luminet is now providing all the network elements of the MVNO’s infrastructure, serving as the core interconnect network in processing all data traffic. Luminet’s network supports Smart IPX with the operational billing fields and policy control fields to enable it to manage the intelligent network services on its customer’s behalf.

The entire network and operations solution is operating to very high service level agreements, based upon real time reporting.

In future the MVNO plans to make use of the detailed and real-time view of SLAs (fully managed 24/7 by Smart IPX) to inform and price its own onward SLAs with its enterprise customers.

Summary of key benefits:

  • Per-SIM security
  • High SLAs guaranteed by fully diverse and independent failover network
  • Scalable service to match customer’s own growth
  • Policy management at the application layer

About Smart IPX

SmartIPX is a 24*7*365 Managed Service supplier of white label NOC Services, Alarm Management and Trouble Ticket (TT) management, including tier 1, 2 & 3 triage capabilities. SmartIPX specialise in L1 & L2 TT triage for high growth companies for all IP/Server based activity, with voice focused L3, for both TDM and VOIP. SmartIPX extend our Managed Services, by customer design, to include a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and Wholesale Voice Transit clients, with a business focus on helping Communication Service Providers, on a global basis, deliver an excellent customer experience.

About Luminet

Luminet is on a mission to help businesses Rise Above with London’s Network in the Sky by embracing the fast, busy, thriving side of London and the opportunities it presents by providing excellent connectivity.

Luminet is a managed services provider, offering businesses Connectivity and Cloud Computing services. Luminet has a peer-to-peer relationship with its customers and superb customer satisfaction ratings. Combining a true customer-centric organisation with strong values, culture and capability together with technical excellence and best-value makes Luminet a partner of choice for business, supported by industry-leading SLAs, and ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

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