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Always On Broadband

Luminet delivers industry leading Gbs Fibre-Air services and unbeatable Always On networking.

Our Always On service combines both our Fibre and Fibre-Air services to provide a truly diverse and resilient last mile internet connection which comes with a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA).

It’s a fully managed primary and secondary failover service at layer 2 or layer 3 and standard installation is from 10-45 working days.

The service is for dedicated Internet access or for multi-site networking whether virtual or physical and can be delivered as MPLS or VPLS.

Our core networks have had 100% uptime over the last 9 years because of our fully mirrored, redundant and diverse hardware and software, providing carrier class connectivity and compute for some of the world’s biggest brands and heaviest data users.

Our Always On service uniquely moves across the same static IP addressing between primary and secondary connections and this is a major benefit for mission critical applications and services that require static IP addressing such as Mail, SIP, Video, VPN, e-commerce and trading.

Our network is built so that customers have the shortest distance to the internet with no more than 2 hops to ensure low latency.



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Features and Benefits


  • Fibre 10Mbps-1Gbps
  • Fibre – Air 10Mbps-1Gbps
  • AES encrypted security
  • Low latency
  • Ethernet handoff
  • Choice of Cisco router/switch

Delivery, Support and Monitoring

  • Provisioned within 10-60 working days
  • Fully managed Service end to end
  • 24/7/365 Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Service Level Agreements

  • 100% SLA
  • 4 hour hardware replacement