Multi Tenant Internet

As a building manager, landlord, agent or developer, we understand the challenges you are likely to encounter regarding internet connectivity including:

  • Cumbersome processes to get super fast, business grade internet connectivity installed for tenants
  • Wayleave issues which can lead to significant delay in getting internet access arranged each time a tenant orders internet connectivity
  • Restrictive rights that Telecommunications Code Operators (e.g. BT, COLT) have once on premises
  • Pay business rates on empty units due to poor connectivity
  • Business tenants cannot move into building until there is super fast internet connectivity

You can trust Luminet to provide your properties with secure, reliable, flexible, scalable always on connectivity to help support and future proof your business requirements:

  • Attract new tenants and retain existing tenants by differentiating your properties with ultra fast internet connectivity, installed in 6-10 working days
  • Enable tenants to move in immediately and lease office space faster
  • Confidently meet future connectivity and bandwidth requirements of tenants, with a scalable on demand solution
  • Future proof new office buildings with smart building technology from Luminet
  • Improve your WiredScore certification
  • One master wayleave is agreed which covers current and future works*
  • Enable tenants to seamlessly operate across multiple sites in a reliable and secure setting
  • Eliminate the risk of downtime
  • Ability to provide Super-fast Guest WiFi internet access in public areas within your building
  • In safe hands – we are a London based company with a superb support team, within 20 minutes reach of London customers.

Whether you require advice on Connectivity, moving to the Cloud, back up, storage or managed firewall services, we can devise a strategy specific to your business needs.

Technical specification:

Each tenant is provided with their own VLANs & IP address range; Multi Tenant Internet service can be delivered as MPLS or VPLS or QnQ.

The main connection to the building is delivered over the air with aggregate speeds up to 5Gbps then distributed among tenants accordingly and to demand from 50Mbps to 5000Mbps/tenant

Our core networks have had 100% uptime over the last 9 years, because of our fully mirrored, redundant and diverse hardware and software, providing carrier class connectivity for some of the world’s biggest brands and heaviest data users.

Our network is built so that customers have the shortest distance to the internet with no more than 2 hops to ensure very low latency.


  • Wired & Wireless up to 5Gbps
  • Ethernet handoff
  • Low latency
  • AES encrypted security
  • Cisco high-speed switch included
  • Up-to 24 customer connections/MTU

Service Level Agreements

  • Luminet Wireless Pro/ Lite 99.95%
  • 4-hour hardware replacement

Delivery, Support and Monitoring

  • Provisioned within 10 working days (Expedited on request)
  • Fully managed Service end to end
  • 24/7/365 support through our Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Technical description summary

Multi Tenant Internet service could be deployed at the customer premises with connectivity as

  • Luminet Wireless Pro or Lite Only
  • Fibre Only
  • 100% SLA with Wireless Pro/ Lite and Fibre links
  • 100% SLA with two diverse Wireless links

A managed switch or router recommended for 100% SLA will be deployed as a Customer Premises equipment CPE, which acts as an aggregation device for customers in the building, who are in turn are connected to this CPE by running Cat6A/Cat5E cables


What is Always On Connectivity?

What are the differences between Wireless Internet and Fibre Optic?

Service Description

Multi Tenant Internet - Luminet 100% Always On

Multi Tenant Internet

How the Network in the Sky is different to 4G and 5G?

Businesses need fast reliable internet connectivity that runs effectively regardless of the number of users and bandwidth required.  The Network in the Sky can provide a fast, flexible, scalable and resilient connection that comes with an SLA, to enable businesses to run effectively and efficiently.  4G cannot provide uncontended connectivity and does not come with an SLA.  5G is still in testing and is not yet available until circa 2020.

Luminet Wireless Lite

  • 10Mbs – 100Mbps speeds*
  • Average latency of 35ms
  • 31cm2 square antenna
  • Range of up to 3km

Luminet Wireless Pro

  • 100Mbs – 5Gbps speeds (upload & download)
  • Latency of sub 5ms
  • 27cm2 round antenna
  • Range of up to 15km

100% Always On

  • 10Mbs – 5Gbps speeds (upload & download)
  • Latency of sub 5ms
  • 27cm2 round antenna
  • Range of up to 15km

Fibre connection

  • Speeds of 10Mbps-5Gbps

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