Luminet acquired by Telcom Group – FAQs

Luminet acquired by Telcom Group – FAQs

What does Telcom Group do?

Telcom Group provides full fibre and final mile wireless connectivity to businesses, channel partners and commercial landlords across the UK. Unlike many providers, we build, own and manage the entire network infrastructure end to end and employ our own engineering teams, allowing us to roll out the network faster than anyone else and get customers connected in days not months. Our approach to connectivity is based upon our belief that the internet is a basic human right and a key catalyst for economic growth, technological innovation and empowerment. When we connect customer’s, we connect for good, over a network that’s built for greatness.

What will the company be called?

Luminet will continue to operate under the Luminet brand, as a part of Telcom Group, for the immediate term.

Who will be my Account Manager?

All Luminet customers will retain their existing Account Manager, which means you will continue to work with the same excellent individuals as before and maintain the relationships you know and trust. Telcom Group employs more than 200+ people, which means there are plentiful resources available, if required, to support you moving forward.

Should I expect any disruption to service?

No. Your services will continue to operate to the high standard as before and we will continue to provide fast, reliable and friendly support. All service & finance points of contact will remain as present until notified otherwise.

Will there be any changes to your product and service portfolio?

Luminet will continue to supply the services you receive today however the wider technology offering will be enhanced thanks to being a part of the Telcom Group family. Along with connectivity, existing Telcom Group customers benefit from Managed LAN, WIFI, UC & Security services, meaning the end-to-end connectivity & networking tech stack can be managed by one trusted supplier.

Why is Telcom Group acquiring Luminet?

Telcom sees a lot of complimentary synergies in Luminet across people, technology & geographic reach. The acquisition is a key component in Telcom’s growing footprint as it adds London to the list of existing metro networks and HyperCities, supporting the strategy of delivering hyperfast connectivity combined with a full stack of applications, products and services to business customers & channel partners throughout the UK. The acquisition comes on the back of investment from Gresham House, a specialist alternative asset manager, who have invested £63 million into the group.

Why is Luminet becoming a part of Telcom Group?

Luminet, has been a leading London based ethernet connectivity specialist across fixed wireless and fibre for the past 18 years, with a unique ability to provide fully resilient “100% SLA” connectivity, at speeds of up to 10GBps, with wireless connectivity provision within 10 days. By becoming a part of Telcom Group, Luminet will be able to further build on it’s position as a leader in the London market by combining it’s advanced fixed wireless network infrastructure with a full fibre network that’s built for greatness, which ultimately means it can continue to offer its existing and prospective customer base the unique and unparalleled connectivity offering and service they’ve come to expect.