How long does Wireless Pro take to install?

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Our standard lead time is 10 days. Luminet offers an expedite service at £3,000 which will install in less than 5 days.

Luminet Delivery Journey

The site survey will be booked by an installation manager and will generally be scheduled to take place within 3 working days (sometimes sooner depending on engineer availability) of the order being accepted. In order to carry out the site survey, Luminet will need the client to organise access to the roof, risers and comms room. In some instances, the partner may also need to confirm if they require a Risk and Method Statement (RAMS) as well as permits for the survey to be carried on their premises, or whether an induction is needed where a site is under construction.

For the site survey to take place, Luminet will require an onsite contact including a mobile number. Luminet engineers will arrive between 9.30am – 10.30am for a morning survey or 2.00pm – 3.00pm for an afternoon slot. The survey will between 2 – 3 hours.

Luminet staff will make every effort to attend the client’s premises at the time agreed. Luminet will inform the client of any unavoidable delay as soon as possible and, if necessary, alternative arrangements will be made.

The survey will be non-intrusive and will:

  1. Confirm line of sight to our base station and take 360-degree photos of the roof top space
  2. Decide on optimum location and mounting of antenna on the roof
  3. Plan and photograph cable route from roof to client’s comms cabinet

The next working day following the survey, the Luminet service delivery team will confirm the survey results. If successful and not signed already, a service order will need to be signed before an installation date is booked.

Using the photographs taken, Luminet will put together a Site-Specific Risk and Method Statement (SSRAMS). This will be sent to the partner so that the partner can forward it to the landlord/ building management for their approval. The SSRAMS will generally be sent within 2 working days of survey completion.

Once the SSRAMS is approved (a Wayleave/Wireless Agreement or License to Alter (LTA) may be required), Luminet will book the installation. The installation is generally completed within 5 working days of Luminet sending the partner the SSRAMS, but it can be expedited if the partner has chosen this option. As with most Telco suppliers, once a Wayleave or Licence to Alter is required, the order will enter a “stop-clock status”, whereby the order will be on-hold/paused until the Wayleave or LTA is completed. The order will be pushed back into the standard provisioning pipeline and installation timeline resumes.

Luminet may provide the partner with supporting documentation to assist the partner in obtaining necessary Wayleaves.