About Attend2IT

Attend2IT was founded in 2008 with the focused goal of delivering high-end IT solutions that are designed around the demanding timelines of the events industry. The team of eight support international events with the technology ranging from production, press and guest WiFi, to video streaming, telephony, digital signage and fully compliant mobile payment technologies.

The Challenge

Clients often come to Attend2IT with incredibly short timeframes. Dominic Hampton, Director comments, “Clients are often mislead by Fibre companies, and are told that a Fibre connection will take three months to install. In all my years’ experience I have rarely seen Fibre installed in just three months, so inevitably –and often with just a week left until event deadline –our phone rings with a desperate request for fast, high-quality, temporary connectivity, and an immediate install.”

For Attend2IT this client challenge is constant and while satellite is often the cheapest and quickest way to connect an event, it doesn’t always do what is needed. Particularly, VPN support from satellite connections is unpredictable, and this is often a network service used by both crew and attendees.

Attend2IT’s challenge is to provide clients with network connectivity that meets all three criteria of being high quality, temporary and immediately installed.

The Approach

In these situations, Attend2IT turns to long-time technology partner Luminet. Over five years, the two companies have collaborated on around 30 events and shows. Typically, Luminet provides 100Mb uncontended point-to-point connectivity for Attend2IT’s clients when serious network quality is required.

One such customer –who uses the two companies’ services repeatedly –hosts a 15 minute demonstration even in central London annually. For this, connectivity quality is paramount. The network connection they are provided supports production networks during the build stage of the event, and then crew, press and guests on the day itself.

Importantly, because of the nature of the Luminet network technology, Attend2IT is able to prioritise network access for production staff and crew, as well as press –a crucial audience on the day. Luminet’s network also fully supports VPN access.

The Results

Hampton explains; “The Luminet team has never let us down. They are very quick to respond to our needs and professional to deal with –which is important to us for our own relationship with our clients”.

“We have worked together for over 10 customers over five years –many of these with recurring events. Luminet gives us the flexibility to support a 15-minute event as well as those that may go on to run for over a year”.

“We work with a range of connectivity providers and it is always very clear when we need to bring Luminet into the solution we are putting together for a client. I have no doubt we will continue to work together for a client. I have no doubt we will continue to work together on many more events in the years to come”.

Summary of key benefits:

  • Point-To-Point (P2P) Wireless for events where quality is a priority.
  • Fast install for events that last as little as 15 minutes.
  • VPN support

About Luminet

Luminet provides organisations with the Connectivity, Communications, Computing and Security services that are essential to all businesses, but difficult to find without an enterprise budget. Understanding that IT requirements do not always fit stereotypical business size judgements, Luminet’s service suite is powerful and flexible, with the SLAs and customer support that every businesses should expect.

With innovative levels of intelligence, Luminet’s technology allows game-changing service assurance, application control, optimisation and even new business models. Bit, byte, SIM or IP level measurement, charging, prioritisation and authentication, together with best-value, industry-leading SLAs, and ISO9001 and ISO27000 certifications make Luminet the obvious choice.