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Professional Services

Luminet’s Network in the Sky – enabling people to connect, work and collaborate

Professional Services are expected to deliver even greater value for money, higher quality of work, and a faster delivery of solutions and services to clients. To do this, Professional services organisations are leveraging expertise to differentiate themselves from competitors as well as adopting new resourcing models to accommodate growth and to continue to meet client expectations.

Luminet can provide you with secure, reliable, flexible, scalable connectivity, Cloud computing services and managed IT services to help achieve your business goals:

  • Win new clients with reliable, secure and compliant internet connectivity and IT services
  • Increase the profitability of work – Luminet will only charge you for the services you use, and can flex capacity as your business requires it
  • Improve operational processes, optimise efficiency and greater workforce mobility with fast, secure connectivity
  • Expand into new markets knowing that Luminet can provide your Connectivity and Cloud requirements
  • We’re all about enabling you to conduct your business and to manage sensitive information securely and compliantly – which is why we have military grade encryption wireless and our Cloud services and IT managed services are highly secure.
  • In safe hands – we are a London based company with a superb support team, within 20 minutes reach of London customers. Whether you require advice on Connectivity, moving to the Cloud, back up, storage or managed IT services, we can devise a strategy specific to your business needs.

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What our customers say

”Working with Luminet we learnt that there really are still small and efficient companies in the UK that are developing and using cutting edge technology. It’s great to see pioneers in this field that are passionate about what they do, and back up good business minds with technical intellect and customer service.”
“The speed of deployment is great - with Luminet we can cut that right down to five days or less. It is a huge benefit.”
Vital International
“The videoconferencing works very well, when we were on a normal broadband line, it killed most of the bandwidth.”
The Climate Group

Our Customers

Case Studies

Lombard Street Research

Lombard Street Research is a respected, independent source of provocative economic analysis and investment advice for global investors. With a reputation built upon the integrity of its research, Lombard Street has always relied upon a robust IT infrastructure and strong governance to collect, store and compute data, in order ensure data is always current, accurate and well protected.

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Coherent Research

Coherent Research provides energy metering intelligence for commercial and industrial markets. Having pioneered the field of energy meter management since 1989, Coherent’s growing market success presented scalability issues. The company operated all its server and communications infrastructure on-premise and every new customer brought with it an added IT overhead for Coherent staff to manage internally. This, in turn, diverted resources away from Coherent’s core activities and compromised the ability of the business to relocate offices in the future. Migration to a third-party data centre had been considered, but the idea was crystalised when one utility customer raised several resilience and data security requirements that couldn’t be supported with Coherent’s on-premise setup.

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The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is the UK’s premier lobbying organisation, providing a voice for employers at a national and international level. The CBI was relocating to a new London office and had pre-ordered a BT Fibre line ready for the move. Despite making all the necessary arrangements, the CBI was let down by BT who couldn’t install Fibre on time for the move date.

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