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Managed and Hybrid Solutions

Introducing our Managed and Hybrid Solutions

Business requirements are changing and IT deployments change in response. Often requirements may be competing, for instance an on premise solution doesn’t met the elasticity available in the cloud and but a cloud solution may not have the performance the users need.

To get the best of both worlds a hybrid solution is required. Cloud services can provide elastic demand for compute services during high peak times such as new product releases or seasonal high demand and on premise compute can satisfy business requirements that need data to remain off the cloud for legal or performance reasons.

At Luminet we are now able to offer the best of both worlds. With our tier 3 data centres we can supply a computing environment that has one of the best uptimes in the world. Luminet are now connected directly to the Microsoft Azure platform to provide cloud services over a dedicated connection so that entire customer platform is connected with an SLA backed network and is not reliant on the vagaries of the Internet. The cloud services are available on demand and monthly billing is available for short loads and trials.

Luminet have many years of experience providing diverse redundant network connectivity and can ensure that the customer offices, data centre space and cloud services are all available as though they were in the same office. Luminet can help in the integration with the cloud platform and the provision of cloud services to suit the customer.

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