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Connectivity and Computing Solutions for Media and Communications Businesses

The Media industry has two vital operational IT needs: the ability to send and receive large files; and facilities and systems that can deliver a high quality of applications and service to customers on and off net 24/7/365.

Luminet’s high-speed Fibre and Fixed Wireless Internet Access addresses both of these requirements. By delivering secure connectivity between sites and managed services through our data centres whether virtual or physical, we ensure that our media clients are able to easily cope with large file sizes, QoS for content delivery and service assurance to provide their customers with the required levels of service excellence.

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What our customers say
“We are now uploading enormous FTP files up to ten times faster than previously.”
Creative Tank
“Broadband wasn’t reliable enough in the Covent Garden office, and SDSL was going to take too long to install. Luminet installed us the next day and 24 hours later we were off and running.”
“I was walking down the road and, in a hole in the ground, I saw a piece of cable cut by a digger. That’s when I realised we needed wireless backup.”
Iris International
“Because both our primary line and our back-up were DSL connection, they inevitably shared the same exchange, so if the problem was ever at the exchange, both connections would be affected.”
“Now that we run our entire communications system through Luminet – telephone, internet and email – we are almost entirely location independent.”
“It was good customer service that won us over – they really went in town to ensure we got the full 4 Mb and spent a lot of time making sure we enjoyed the best possible connection. They’ve been so attentive that I’d say I know most of the Luminet guys by name.”
Haunch of Venison
“Luminet is offering a level of service far above what we are used to expecting from a supplier in the technology industry. The customer support is highly responsive and the network is totally reliable.”
“As far as the client was concerned, this was the most trouble-free network provisioning they have ever had for an event.”
Swisscom Event Support
“The high capacity and the utmost reliability we get from Luminet enable us to provide streamed video content to a large number of subscribers at once.”
Dennis Publishing
"We especially appreciated their fast response times and also the fact that they took care of the paperwork such as Health & Safety compliance.“
Groovy Gecko / Nike Town

Features and Benefits



Whether it be voice calls, video conferencing or large file transfers, Luminet’s high-speed connectivity solutions can support your demands.


Keeping your information and network safe is more important than ever. Our solutions won’t leave you open to attack.

End to end QoS

We can provide full Quality of Service (QoS) to make sure all of your most business-critical applications run smoothly.

Quick installations

Guaranteed 10-day installation on our Fixed Wireless Access service and 30-90 days for our Fibre service.

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