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Managed IT Services

Introducing our Managed IT Services

There’s no denying that IT requirements are getting ever more complex and expensive to implement. As legislation and technology changes, so the systems that used to work are no longer enough. What is a business to do under such circumstances?

Luminet is a trusted managed service provider with extensive experience of managing IT and connectivity systems for clients large and small. Many of our services are offered on an “infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) basis meaning continual software and hardware upgrades with none of the problems.

When you partner with Luminet you’ll benefit from improved business efficiency, knowing that your IT systems are in the hands of professionals. Besides ensuring all your systems are optimized to meet business needs, the reduced time spent on managing connectivity issues also offers potential cost savings.

Many businesses across the UK trust in Luminet to deliver the right IT solutions to its customers and can pay testament to how we have transformed the effectiveness of their IT communications. We are proud to have so many IT and computing partners willing to recommend our service.

Explore the full suite of outsourced and managed IT services offered by Luminet below…

Managed IT Services Offered

Luminet has a long history of providing IT and connectivity support services to a growing range of clients and partners. Just some of the services we offer include:

Managed Firewall

Never have there been more security threats to today’s businesses. As a number of high-profile cases have outlined recently, even large companies can become compromised by a range of digital intruders.

As the threats change, however, a firewall is only as useful as how recently and extensively it was updated. An effective firewall involves constant maintenance if it is to protect your systems from interference.

Luminet are experts at installing, configuring and managing a range of intrusion prevention systems. Irrespective of your needs, we have a solution.

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Network Optimisation

In today’s connected world the management of network performance is critical. The huge range of connected devices, apps, services and websites creates a constantly moving target. Monitoring, identification, prioritization and redirection of hundreds of network access points takes skill and experience to achieve.

Luminet’s Intelligence Platform allows you to view and control the network like never before – putting you in full control. This allows you to block unwanted applications that may have an adverse impact on bandwidth usage, across the network or all the way down to IP level (look at

Fortunately, Luminet’s history of connecting businesses with the Internet via fibre optic cabling and wireless microwave technology has proved to be the perfect opportunity to perfect our network optimisation strategies.

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Private Managed Cloud Services

As storage requirements continue to grow and businesses operate ever more across multiple locations, so managed cloud services become of ever more importance. Our experienced team can set up, integrate and manage all your cloud services for maximum efficiency and connectivity, ensuring that business objectives are met on a continual basis.

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Virtual Data Centres

Our virtual data centres allow on-demand computing, storage and applications that can be integrated with existing business systems. Managed by Luminet, your VDC gives all the traditional benefits of a data centre but without the inherent costs and management normally required of such a service. Plus you get the benefits of flexibility of scaling when you need it.

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What our customers say

“Connected in just 22 hours – now that is business continuity!”
IT Lab
“It is no exaggeration to say that Luminet has provided a crucial key to securing the future of our business model.”

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