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Solutions for the Finance Sector

Introducing our Internet for the Financial Services

We understand that the financial services industry requires a communications and network infrastructure that is agile and resilient. The ability to trade at all times is imperative; therefore resilience is a key issue for any business in this sector.

In November 2007, the FSA introduced the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), requiring financial institutions to adhere to a business continuity policy (BCP) that ensures the preservation of essential data and functions and the maintenance of investment services and activities in the event of interruptions to systems and procedures.

With IT departments required to comply with the FSA directive, Luminet is able to offer combined Fixed Wireless Access and Fibre technologies that provide a unique ‘100% Always On’ solution to ensure your business has a truly resilient network in place.

Private cloud, VDC and cloud connects supported by ‘Always On’ networking underpins our secure and hybrid computing solutions to help financial services remain connected, secure, scalable and resilient in the internet age.

Our Intelligent PaaS solutions enable audit and application compliance across corporate, mobile, WiFi and BYOD networks that are very useful for aligned network policies in a single secure platform.

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What our customers say
“When our original supplier told us that they couldn’t connect our new office one week before the move, we thought they must be joking. And when Luminet gave us a fully-functioning connection four working days later, we couldn’t believe it either.”
Milestone Capital
“In February, a builder accidentally cut our BT cable. We moved the traffic over to the Luminet link, so email and the web were back in minutes - which was a huge confirmation of why we put in the Luminet connection.“
Silver Levene
“We are in a prestigious building in the West End of London, but there’s no way we can run fibre to it. Luminet connected us in a week - if I’d gone with a wired provider, I’d probably still be waiting.”

Features and Benefits


Maximum Returns, Minimal Losses

With our full-uptime solution, your company can trade 24/7/365.

Network Diversity

Wireless and fibre links combine to provide a network equipped for any outage.

Data Security

Preserve your company’s information with no loss to business-critical operations.

FSA Compliant

All finance solutions are developed with FSA guidelines in mind.

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