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Event Internet Services

Introducing our Internet for Events

Here at Luminet, we have experience in delivering high-bandwidth wired and wireless internet connectivity to a variety of high profile and prestigious events across London.

With our events and bespoke services, you can be assured that all of your mission critical applications such as live audio, HD streaming and voice over IP will run smoothly.

Not only that, we offer very flexible contracts which can range from a single afternoon up to 12 months in order to meet your individual requirements.

Get in touch with us now to discuss how we can help support your events.

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What our customers say
“What used to take up to 20 minutes is now done in three to five. That is less than a quarter of the time, which means the team can get more done and don’t have the frustrations of having their computers out of action for large amounts of time.”
The Bare Films Company
“We’re a young company with ambitious expansion plans and we needed an ISP to deliver services quickly. Luminet has enabled us to get our business communications infrastructure in place in a matter of hours, giving us a huge competitive advantage.”
TSI Broadcast
"Luminet were flexible and I like their approach. As a company, they’re large enough to be taken seriously, but still small enough for the personal touch.”
Dennis Publishing
“Luminet are the only company at the moment offering a WiMAX solution, which was quick and simple to install and didn’t require any roads to be dug up for new cabling or even necessitate any structural work to our historic building.”
“A solution to a specific problem has become an opportunity for improving so many different areas of the business.”
Grand Central Studios

Features and Benefits

Whether it’s for a catwalk, festival, exhibition, road show, corporate event, product launch or disaster recovery solution, everyone can benefit from our special events service.

Fast and Flexible

High-speed internet connectivity to a variety of high-profile and prestigious events across London.

Tailored To Your Needs

Bespoke services allow smooth running of live audio, HD streaming and Voice over IP (VoIP).

Speedy Deployment

Fast connection – we can often get you up and running within five working days.

Long or Short Term Contracts

Flexible contracts to meet your individual requirements, ranging from a single afternoon to up to 12 months.

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