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Connectivity and Cloud for Education

IT plays an important role within the education sector and here at Luminet we aim to make enterprise-class technology available to schools, colleges and universities across London.

We provided the first Always On connectivity for Wapping High School, the first cloud only school in the UK.

Combining our powerful connectivity and cloud capabilities can help keep your students and teachers operating at their most productive in a secure environment.

Our intelligent platform enables control and protection over websites and content available to those you need to protect.

Technology is shaping the future of education and how students throughout the UK are being taught. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help you build a future-proof technology driven organisation to enhance user engagement and productivity.

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Features and Benefits

Our high-speed connectivity and unique IT solutions  enable you to build a more connected learning environment, enabling educators to illuminate the curriculum with data-intensive content, such as e-books, video and distance-learning.

Better Browsing

Smart internet, web filter and mobile device management services for safe and fast Internet browsing.


Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) technology for secure, high-bandwidth data, voice, security and cloud services.


Secure storage and data backup to protect critical information at all times and provide disaster recovery strategies.

Collaborative Learning

Secure, monitored social learning platform to encourage communication and collaboration between students and teachers.

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