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Intelligent Insights

Network Intelligence

Luminet combines intelligence with visibility and control into our Connectivity, Computing, Communications and Security services as well as our ‘Always On’ solutions.

These intelligent services enable customers to get visibility and control of their connections unlike ever before, by providing analytics and reports in to the top ten applications used, whilst detailing how they are impacting on your overall bandwidth usage.

These insights and analytics reports are a value added service on our connectivity portfolio and are provided by an automated self-service customer portal.

To find out more about our intelligence portfolio, please contact a member of our team using the details below.

Email our team 0207 400 6300

Features and Benefits

True visibility

We can provide true visibility in to your usage right down to the applications used and their impact on your bandwidth.

Real control

We’re providing our customers with the platform to take control of their connections.

Smarter thinking

By gaining visibility in to your connections, you can make smarter and more informed business and IT decisions.

Automated reporting

Instant, automated reporting directly through our customer portal.

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To find out more about how our intelligent visibility and control service works, please use the link below to download the service description.

Download service description