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Virtual Data Centre

Luminet provides a managed Virtual Data Centre service – a robust and scalable fully managed service for small to enterprise customers and is installed in 5 working days (can be expedited) on our own integrated Data Centre and network infrastructure, providing:

  • Geographically diverse, hosted inside our Private Cloud Tier 3 Data Centres
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership with no hardware purchase or maintenance costs
  • Reduces risk
  • Economies of scale
  • High availability
  • Intelligent PaaS for application prioritisation, service assurance and real time control
  • Capable of prioritising delivery of the most important applications and services

Luminet’s Managed Virtual Data Centre can be combined with Connectivity services and ‘Always On’ internet for last mile Dedicated Internet Access and multi-site networking with 100% SLA.

Why choose Luminet to manage your Virtual Data Centre?

  • State of the art technologies
  • In-house expertise to project manage your VDC requirements under one roof
  • Industry leading support team at the end of the phone, based in London available 24/7/365
  • Luminet has 100% core network uptime and a 100% SLA for Networking
  • Connections with over 450 cloud providers to give companies greater security, increased operational flexibility, better performance and cost effectiveness.

Service Components

  • HP Cloud matrix
  • EMC VNX storage
  • VMware 5.1 hypervisor
  • Leading Orchestration portal

Service Level Agreement

  • High Availability platform 99.9999%
  • Replicated 99.99%
  • Standard 99.9%
  • 5 minute Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • 5 minute Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Service Description

Virtual Data Centre

Powered by:

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Oracle Cloud
IBM Cloud
Google Cloud Platform
Alibaba Cloud

Cloud Computing

Cloud Storage


Cloud Backup

Managed Firewall

Case Studies

Lombard Street Research

Lombard Street Research is a respected, independent source of provocative economic analysis and investment advice for global investors. With a reputation built upon the integrity of its research, Lombard Street has always relied upon a robust IT infrastructure and strong governance to collect, store and compute data, in order ensure data is always current, accurate and well protected.

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Coherent Research

Coherent Research provides energy metering intelligence for commercial and industrial markets. Having pioneered the field of energy meter management since 1989, Coherent’s growing market success presented scalability issues. The company operated all its server and communications infrastructure on-premise and every new customer brought with it an added IT overhead for Coherent staff to manage internally. This, in turn, diverted resources away from Coherent’s core activities and compromised the ability of the business to relocate offices in the future. Migration to a third-party data centre had been considered, but the idea was crystalised when one utility customer raised several resilience and data security requirements that couldn’t be supported with Coherent’s on-premise setup.

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