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Short Term Fibre-Air

Vital Component for Events

Short Term Fibre Air can be a vital component for events, lowering wayleave costs, mitigating fibre delays or putting new OTT services such as video, voice or UC operational delivery.

Using 1Gbs of high-speed internet at concerts, festivals or trade shows, as well as for construction sites or Fibre delays, helps businesses keep running effectively all the time.

Our services are fully flexible on term and location and we do not require any sub-surface cabling. Our network fully supports VPN access and temporary Fibre-Air services are available with speeds of up to 1Gbps for a minimum of one day.

Luminet’s short term internet solutions have the ability to provide clients with network connectivity that fits the requirement of being temporary, of high quality and available to be installed immediately (1-10 working days).

Our reliability and reputation as a flexible and trusted partner is reflected in our industry leading NPS score of 42.

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