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Uniquely, Luminet combines intelligent Application Performance Management into our Connectivity, Computing, Communications and Security services as well as our ‘Always On’ solutions.  These intelligence services enable customers to:

  • Manage network and infrastructure allocation on an individual application, SIM, bit or byte level
  • Prioritise mission critical traffic or users
  • Apply specific security policies to sensitive traffic or users
  • Restrict access to, or bandwidth available for, low priority applications

Analytic reporting is provided self-service through the Luminet customer portal, and covers the top ten applications by type and destination and bandwidth.

Optimisation is provided as standard on the chosen top priority application, and is managed by controlling unwanted or low priority applications in use on the IT infrastructure such as peer-to-peer or internet radio.

We provide intelligence across our portfolio and to the edge of our private network and can design an Intelligence solution for your individual organisations needs.

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Features and Benefits

Our Application Performance Management tool brings unique enterprise-class capabilities which is now available for every business.

Putting you in control

Our Application Performance Management tool puts you in control by giving you real visibility in to your network usage.

Block unwanted apps

You can make sure that all unwanted applications are restricted and controlled, ensuring you are making the most of your service.

Optimise your network

By optimising your bandwidth, you can make sure your most important applications get priority.

Built to your demands

Further intelligent solutions can be layered in to the system to build a solution based on the needs of your business.

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To find out more about our Intelligence services, please give our team a call on 0207 400 6300 or email us at enquiries@luminet.co.uk.