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IMSI Solutions

Introducing our IMSI Services


Our IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier) UK mobile data connectivity offers ubiquitous and seamless 3G and 4G connectivity over EE, VF and O2 in the UK for:

  • Smart homes
  • Smart enterprise
  • Connected transport
  • Smart industry
  • Disaster recovery
  • Health
  • Travel

Our intelligent cloud platform provides operational insight and control over any application and lowers IT management costs whilst improving user experience:

  • View – Bandwidth, applications and usage
  • Control – Block, prioritise and add QoS to any app
  • Protect – DDoS, botnet, malware
  • Monitor – Multi-networks in multi-countries

All of which are very simply and easy to use, meaning no IT expertise or IT footprint is needed.

We offer a flat rate price across UK and EU 28.



Features and Benefits

Some of the key benefits of our IMSI solution includes:

Ubiquitous connectivity

Ubiquitous UK connectivity with automatic network selection between Vodafone, EE and O2

High bandwidth

Ranging from 1-4Gb per sim

3G and 4G

Access to both 3G and 4G data

Truly global

Seamlessly connect globally to over 370 international operators in over 120 countries worldwide

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IMSI 3G and 4G Mobile Data Connectivity

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Ubiquitous UK and International IMSI Data Connectivity

IMSI connectivity is available on EE, Vodafone and O2 networks in the UK with automatic network selection for ubiquitous and best of breed connectivity and data networks either 3G or 4G.

The IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identifier) Sim enables the freedom to seamlessly connect globally between networks in the UK and over 370 network operators in 120+ countries on both 3G and 4G networks.

This service is designed for high bandwidth Mobile Data including M2M applications in:

  • Smart enterprise
  • Smart healthcare
  • Connected transport
  • Smart agriculture
  • Connected homes
  • Smart industry

ISMI Sims are to be used in any device of choice, except telephony handsets.







For Enterprise

  • Ubiquitous UK Connectivity with automatic network selection between Vodafone, EE, and O2
  • Ubiquitous International IMSI Connectivity with 370 operators in 120+ countries
  • 3G and 4G data networks
  • High data rates 1Gb-4Gb
  • M2M and Smart Enterprise; including Laptops and Tablets
  • Dynamic IP Allocation
  • Network key encryption
  • Intelligent PAAS platform for monitoring, visibility, control and security across all 370 networks.

For Operators

  • Fixed IP address range
  • APN ( delivery 6-18 weeks)
  • Tier 3 Data centre interconnect
  • Intelligent IAAS and PAAS platform for monitoring, visibility, control and security on 370 networks.

Service and Delivery Operating Levels

  • IMSI Sim delivery 3-4 weeks
  • Network Performance Target 99.8% (individual networks)
  • Managed service platform for adds moves and changes
  • 24/7/365 support