Short Term Broadband

Short Term Broadband can be a vital component for Events, guaranteeing the use of high-speed internet at concerts, festivals or trade shows as well as for construction sites, as Luminet’s service is flexible on term and location and does not require any sub-surface cabling.

Luminet’s network fully supports VPN access and temporary broadband solutions are available with speeds of up to 1Gbps for a minimum of one day.

Luminet ’s short term internet solutions have the ability to provide clients with network connectivity that fits the requirement of being temporary, of high quality and available to be installed immediately.

Luminet’s reliability as an internet service provider for events has developed fruitful, long-lasting relationships with businesses focused on delivering events or short-term connectivity in a multitude of sectors.

As a business Luminet thrives on challenges, the ability to deliver the impossible excites Luminet and for that reason our bespoke team and service engineers should be able to tailor our service to suit you.

We also can provide fast Short Term Fibre-Air.

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Luminet’s partners range from businesses looking to maintain some control over the end- user relationship to those ICT partners who manage the entire customer life-cycle end-to-end. Whether you prefer a ‘dealer’ relationship with Luminet or a full white label channel relationship, we are very interested to talk.

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