Fast Broadband Installation

Luminet’s quick internet installation enables you to get online fast.

Luminet understands the inconveniences incurred of moving to offices not yet connected by high-speed internet like fibre ethernet. Luminet has installation services that can often be completed in as little as 5-10 working days or less in an emergency.

We eliminate the usual situation of waiting any number of months for fibre to be installed by carriers over which the partner has no control, instead Luminet can provide you with the same high-speed, business-class network connectivity in a matter of days. Our fastest-ever installation was completed within 7 hours of receiving the call!

Luminet can also provide an emergency installation service to expedite your orders to achieve connectivity for you and your clients within 24 hours (service is subject to availability).

Key Benefits to Fast Broadband Installation include:

  • Quick installations, often within 5 working days or less
  • Expedite installs within 24 hrs available
  • Flexible contract terms to meet your clients needs.
  • Quality of Services (QoS) enabled to support real-time services such as voice and video conferencing.
  • The ability to start billing straight away, without delays, wayleave issues of ECCs.
  • Intelligent reporting, from the bandwidth used down to the application layer.
  • Lower cost than Fibre with great margins available.
  • Bill your Value Added Services as of day one
  • Generate 90 days more revenue per customer

Luminet’s Channel Partners benefit from great margins, especially on our Fibre-Air service. Call Luminet today to find out how you or your clients can benefit from Luminet’s high-speed, business class Fibre-Air network.

Summary of Quick Internet Installation features:

  • Central London coverage of over 61,000 buildings, see coverage map attached
  • Great margins for channel partners
  • Wireless connectivity up to 1Gbps installed within 7 days from survey, no wayleave needed, survey FOC
  • Fibre circuits on same static IP address as wireless for transparent active/passive failover and 100% SLA
  • Short term wireless to bring forward your billing by at least 3 months
  • End to end QoS and voice prioritisation available over any network
  • Diverse, alternative route resilience for DR and 100% uptime, upsell to your fibre only clients
  • Real time traffic visibility and control at the application layer – prioritise, block and schedule
  • Symmetric, business class services with 99.95% SLA and 4 hour fix
  • Gain recommendations and referrals for new business from very happy clients
  • Reduce the stress on your provisioning team
  • Connectivity can be delivered wires only over layer 2 and MPLS
  • Datacentre services available only 2 hops from client office over our connectivity


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Luminet’s partners range from businesses looking to maintain some control over the end- user relationship to those ICT partners who manage the entire customer life-cycle end-to-end. Whether you prefer a ‘dealer’ relationship with Luminet or a full white label channel relationship, we are very interested to talk.

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