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London is one of the most captivating places on earth and with the new Luminet Partner Programme we have unleashed an amazing opportunity for you to RISE ABOVE the competition and offer your customers the best connectivity in town, through our Network in the Sky.

The NETWORK IN THE SKY is Luminet’s unique alternative to fibre, an ‘always-on’ internet – a vast untapped opportunity to service the needs of your clients, better than ever before, ensuring 24/7 connection. Your customers are connected in days (and in some cases hours!) …not weeks or months.

What does this mean for you:

  • Better reputation
  • Bigger revenues
  • Increased customer retention/acquisition
  • Faster billing
  • Exponential business growth

Luminet is driven by people; you, the people in your organisation and the PEOPLE ON THE GROUND at Luminet, advising and supporting you in everyday operations, ensuring you, your business and your customers RISE ABOVE latency, delays and crowded networks in the ground. Together, we’ll experience expansion, growth, opportunity and success with our Network in the Sky.

Luminet Lite

  • 10Mbs – 100Mbps speeds*
  • Average latency of 35ms
  • 31cm2 square antenna
  • Range of up to 3km

Luminet Pro

  • 100Mbs – 5Gbps speeds (upload & download)
  • Latency of sub 5ms
  • 27cm2 round antenna
  • Range of up to 15km

100% Always On

  • 10Mbs – 5Gbps speeds (upload & download)
  • Latency of sub 5ms
  • 27cm2 round antenna
  • Range of up to 15km


  • Speeds of 10Mbps-5Gbps

*Speed dependent on distance from base station

Benefits and Requirements

The Luminet Partner Programme recognises revenue, commitment and capability and rewards you accordingly.

As a Luminet Partner, you have access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Great margins
  • Promotions/Incentives
  • Training & Support
  • Dedicated partner managers

The overall customer experience is achieved by more than price alone. To ensure that you can RISE ABOVE, we will now be recognising and rewarding you on more than just your revenue contribution.

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Case Studies

G3 Comms

G3 is a leading systems integrator and provider of network and unified communications solutions. G3 has an indirect business, Genius Networks, providing bespoke global connectivity services exclusively via approved reseller partners. Luminet provides fast, resilient connectivity services for G3 Comms and Genius Networks partners and customers.

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Fusion Voice & Data

Fusion Voice & Data (Fusion) specialises in providing SME businesses with the right connectivity solutions for their needs. Launched in 2016 with a core team boasting unparalleled experience in voice and data, Fusion’s extraordinary growth has arisen from focusing on the requirements of businesses relocating into and within central London. It’s about finding customers the right connectivity with the right speed and lead time as this is often not considered when businesses are relocating.

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Attend2IT delivers high-end IT solutions for the events industry, including event production, press and guest WiFi, video streaming, telephony, digital signage and fully compliant mobile payment technologies for local and international events. Attend2IT’s challenge is to provide clients with high quality, short term network connectivity with immediate installation.

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