Our Difference

How we are different

Luminet has a powerful mixture of data centres, private cloud environments and a wholly-owned network, all of which enable intelligent measurement, authentication, application and network shaping and management – right down to the bit and byte, IP or SIM level.

Luminet provides the services and network intelligence usually only available to enterprises, with a price point and total cost of ownership that is designed for small businesses.

Customer Centric

Our customers want to focus on their organisational mission, not their operational IT,  so we have invested in world class technologies and services to bring security, peace of mind and a connected capability to support our customer’s focus.

We have two Network Operations Centres in London, one in central London and one in the docklands where we provide 24/7/365 support for all our customers.


Our managed services and solutions can take away the debate about public and hybrid cloud and turn your WAN into your LAN, with no need to worry about security concerns.

Always On

Totally diverse and mirrored infrastructure across connectivity, computing, communications and security provide ‘Always On’ services and solutions to keep your business running, providing you with peace of mind backed by a robust Service Level Agreement.


Speed of delivery is important to our customers, and because we own our infrastructure and therefore are in control we can deliver services in days not weeks or months.


Over–the-top Application Performance delivers quality of service and prioritisation per application, whether that is SIP, video conferencing, or whatever application or data stream your organisation most values.

We also control applications you don’t want hogging resources; such as peer-to-peer or internet radio, so you have a better experience aligned to your business needs.

Analytical reporting on application performance is provided so customers have the insight to understand the their application usage.


Our culture and talent is the heart of our customer centric focus.

We invest in people, culture and capability, with over 30 recognised qualifications and at ISO standard we are built to perform for our customers.

We have invested multi-millions of capital into infrastructure with the world’s top technology companies. This means that we can leverage our capability to our customers’ advantage which means we will never be beaten on price when comparing ‘like for like’ connectivity, computing, communications and security services.

We also provide standard application performance management with some of our services and if you purchase multiple services or solutions we will ensure that your bundled price cannot be matched in the market on a like for like basis.

That is our promise.