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Office Moves

Welcome to 2017 and inevitably the New Year brings about change and as our IT and OT requirements converge delivering an office move on time and to budget becomes increasingly complex. recently surveyed 200 industry professionals on the future of VPN’s and cloud computing. The primary reason for considering a cloud based VPN solution was down to difficulties in the multi-vendor proposition where 64% believed this to be the case. Whilst 46% indicated a high construction cost and complicated networking.

Luminet are proud to specialise in servicing some of the top financial firms in London including companies Like GE Money, CF trading, HIG Europe and over 2000 businesses in London have benefitted from our services and focus on exceptional customer service reflected in our UK leading NPS score of 42.

Our team of engineers technical excellence at the heart of our Fibre-air and Fibre networks and Tier 3 data centres, we are proud to have 100% core network uptime backed by ISO9001 and ISO27001 certification.

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Many of our customers can benefit from high-quality networking and elastic IT services without needing to build or own their network or IT. Smaller businesses increasingly adopt a hybrid cloud approach to ensure mission critical services, like trading platforms, CRM, Supply chain management, Collaboration, Analysis and Audit tools are deployed effectively and securely in the cloud.

We are a single point of contact with our own our resilient and 100% uptime core network and Last mile Fibre and Fibre-Air networks for DIA and VPN networking for secure private and multi-cloud.

If your Dedicated Internet Access or VPN provider has let you down in the delivery of your office move…. don’t worry, we can install in hours or days not months! 

Similarly for VDC and hybrid cloud solutions like replication, backup and storage in our on-net Tier 3 data centres that are supported by 100% Always on SLA last mile;  networking built specifically for your mission critical services in the cloud.

By partnering with Luminet, you can be confident that you’re joining a Managed Services Provider that puts quality, reliability, and customer service at the heart of everything it does.  We are proud to offer an industry leading 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) on our Always On service guaranteeing 100% network uptime. This was mentioned by 44% of respondents to a recent Cloud Security Alliance’s survey as a critical part of service provision, however no other connectivity service provider offers our unique 100% SLA.

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