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Customer satisfaction, feedback and improvements

Our customer service ethos is ingrained in our culture, values and horizontally across the organisation with board level representation. In order to not just talk about customer centricity but also to gather evidence and improve our service, we follow a set methodology.

As a B2B provider, that builds lasting relationships with its customers, we run a relationship survey, once a year, which produces as a result the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Recipients are all contacts we have from our customers in order to gather a broad base for feedback.

Results of the relationship surveys

In addition to the annual relationship survey, we run permanent transactional satisfaction surveys covering the whole of the customer journey, from Sales to Service Delivery to Support and Billing.

Recipients of the transactional survey are customer contacts involved in a certain interaction, i.e. the IT manager who receives the handover after an installation, the billing contact who gets an invoice or the person who raises a ticket. These surveys are sent every week and the result is a satisfaction score on a scale from 0 – 10.

We aggregate all transactional scores to an overall score, as well as detailed scores by area.

For any survey we sent, we internally follow up with a “close-the-loop” process. This means that the feedback given by our customers, negative as well as positive will be investigated. The customer will be contacted by us in order to help understand their needs and discuss further ways for improvements or just to thank them for their business and their positive feedback. By doing so, we run a cycle of permanent improvements by “closing-the-loop” with our customers and transforming customer feedback into business service improvements.

By living this approach, Luminet increased its NPS within the first year to a score of +36,and an even better score of +42 in 2016. This independently ranked scoring puts Luminet No. 1 in the UK, and No. 17 globally in the Telco vertical and Luminet exemplifies industry best-practice: