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Luminet keeps businesses connected following Holborn fire

Luminet is enabling businesses, affected by the Holborn fire, to stay connected and competitive with its wireless data services.

The London Fire Brigade have confirmed that an electrical fire broke out in cable ducts in a Victorian tunnel beneath London’s Kingsway on Wednesday 1 April. The fire raged for 36 hours and took out power and Internet access across several regions of the Capital. Many businesses across Holborn, the Kingsway and the Strand are still without broadband services, with no confirmation on when services will resume.

Luminet, previously Urban Wimax, was the first business to commercially launch Wimax services in the UK in 2007. It owns and operates Ethernet standard-based Wide Area Networks in the London metropolitan area, which enables wireless high-speed data connections over long distances. Its wireless data is symmetrical and guaranteed, with no data limits.

Luminet is already working with 10+ companies affected by the Holborn fire, providing them with a robust wireless data service. Its services were typically enabled within 24 hours, or over the weekend.

Jack Knight, COO, The Investment Association: “The second our broadband went down we started investigating available options that would get us back online. Luminet’s wireless proposition was perfect – fast in all respects – quick to install and great speeds once up and running. We can’t tell the difference between its wireless data service and the fibre broadband we had previously.”

Tim Sawyer, CEO, Start Up Loans: “After disruption of the fire, Luminet helped get our main office back online. Luminet’s wireless data services were installed in less than 24 hours and helped us quickly move staff back from our Disaster Recovery site. So far the service has been very good.”

Luminet’s wireless services are often used by businesses that have a short term connectivity requirements, such as event and concert companies, and businesses that need connectivity whilst they are waiting for their fibre services to be enabled.

Sasha Williamson, CEO, Luminet: “Our pedigree in wireless data services is unique in London. Our customers frequently call us their ‘broadband saviours’ – whereas fixed line providers can months to install an SDSL or fibre line, we can have a business up and running with a reliable, fast wireless service within 24 hours or over the weekend. This means that when there’s a disaster, such as fire or flood, we are usually the first port of call.

“Downtime costs money, which is why we guarantee a 100% always on service, underpinned by our wholly owned wireless and fibre network, alongside our data centre assets. It’s great to know that we are enabling businesses to stay competitive and productive, no matter what the circumstances.”

Luminet’s wireless data services are used by over 500 businesses in the UK. As well as symmetrical, reliable connectivity, Luminet has also recently announced the launch of its new customer portal, which enables businesses to run real-time diagnostics and reporting. It is one of the first telecoms companies in the world to enable the application of intelligence, so that businesses can really see what is happening across their networks and configure applications and policies appropriately.


Published by Total Telecom

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