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Luminet’s Intelligence Platform allows you to view and control the network like never before – putting you in full control. This allows you to block unwanted applications that may have an adverse impact on bandwith usage, across the network or all the way down to IP level.

These intelligent services enable customers to get visibility and control of their connections, by providing analytics and reports in to applications used, whilst detailing how they are impacting on your overall bandwidth usage.

This provides networks, aggregators, resellers and service providers with the detailed insights to help them make smarter business decisions.

We add value to existing business models by providing visibility and control in network and application performance management, optimisation, quality of experience, service assurance, service level targets with enhanced performance and network monitoring at the network, APN, SIM and application layer.

This enables providers to offer value added services to their customers and to change the way they charge for value added services at the IP, application layer or byte increments. This deliver speed to value in their existing customer base and can create new differentiated business models.

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