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Why do I need Luminet?

There are many services that Luminet can offer you. Whether you require a quick, reliable and secure internet connection at minimal cost to your business, high-bandwidth applications such as videoconferencing and remote services or enhanced existing services including VPN, VOIP, and FTP, we’re able to provide them.

If you’re frustrated with slow, intermittent connections, disappointed with broken promises on service levels or feel you’re simply paying too much for your existing service, we can be of service.

Can you provide email addresses?

We do not provide email addresses but do offer a mail relay service. Please contact our sales team on 0207 400 6300 for further information.

How can I pay for the service?

The usual method is by direct debit.


What are symmetrical services?

Conventional broadband is asymmetrical, so you only get fast download speeds. However, a symmetrical service allows you to upload data at the same data rate as you’re allocated for downloads. This means you can upload large files to your clients or suppliers without disrupting the rest of your connectivity and perform backups whenever you want.

For anyone that uses a traditional broadband connection, symmetrical is a liberating prospect.

Where do I have to be to get the service?

Our service currently covers Central London and is expanding rapidly. Please use our post code checker at the top of the page to see if the service is available in your location.

Is Luminet’s Wireless service secure?

Our network, and your business data, is protected using government-standard AES encryption. The AES standard has been approved by the US government for use by its own agencies.

What is a service level agreement and how does it work?

A service level agreement is an assurance by a service provider that it will provide a certain level of service, normally defined in terms of percentage of downtime over a period. Luminet guarantees 99.95% availability for our wireless service and 99.98% on our fibre service. We also offer a unique “Always On” service which combines both the wireless and fibre service to offer our customers a 100% SLA and uptime guarantee.

How does Luminet’s wireless service work?

It’s simple really. We transmit data wirelessly between our base stations and an antenna installed at each customer site. The connection is secure and symmetrical with speeds between 10Mbps and 1Gbps. Not only does this mean your chosen data speed is constant, but upload and download speeds are equal (unlike ADSL services).

What is special about Luminet’s Wireless service?

The key difference that enables us to provide a constant, dedicated and secure data connection to our customers is that we own our network independently. This means our wireless services do not rely on any other telecommunications supplier’s fibre-optic cabling, copper wires or electronic exchanges.

This gives us a unique and powerful degree of power, control and flexibility to deliver an outstanding data service.

In a typical fixed line data connection, you’ll find that the so-called ‘last mile’ of physical wiring from the local exchange to your business premises is shared by ADSL and SDSL broadband services and leased line suppliers. Practically all businesses have to share this wired infrastructure, making their data connection subject to outages, fluctuations and heavy traffic.

The only alternative for a fixed line network supplier is to dig up roads and lay cables to your premises, which involves huge costs and massive disruption.

However, because Luminet’s network is wireless, it’s completely separate from the ‘last mile’ of wiring. Our base stations connect your businesses with resilient, high-capacity wireless links (using microwave technology) and fibre-optic, meaning your data connection is constant, reliable and secure, bringing greater value and adding swifter, smarter capabilities to your business services.

If you feel your situation is unique and recognise that a fixed line is not the answer, call our Bespoke Team. As a business, Luminet thrives on being able to deliver the impossible.

What else can I do with Luminet’s Wireless service?

The Luminet network can support almost any sort of business communication or connectivity service, including VoIP, video conferencing, remote application hosting and web surfing, all with a quality of service designed to meet your needs and your budget. If you have any special requirements, our engineers should be able to tailor our service to suit you.

Do I need a dish to receive Luminet wireless service?

You don’t need a satellite-style dish, but you will need a small wireless panel antenna, which is a device slightly larger than an a4 piece of paper. This device may need to be installed on the roof or on a bracket fixed to a wall. We can also install in free-form, meaning no holes, brackets or fixings (where applicable).

Do I need the approval of my landlord?

Usually this installation is covered in your lease terms. However, Luminet has been in this business for over ten years and has excellent relationships with most building management companies and landlords in Central London. The installation is small and unobtrusive. If you occupy a listed building, then planning permission will be required. Please contact our sales team on 0207 400 6310 for further information.

How long does the wireless service take to deliver?

The service can be scheduled for installation within two days (or as soon as landlord permission is gained). We aim to get our customers up and running within 5-10 business days, although we have got businesses onto the service in 24 hours! It should take no more than a few hours to install, subject to a safety survey if a roof installation is required.


What type of datacentre facilities are available?

We deliver ISO accredited Tier 3 colocation services and value added managed solutions in four London Data Centre suites in our private network.

What other carriers are available in the datacentre?

There are a number of other carriers available such as Colt,  Expo-e, Virgin and Cogent amongst others.

How secure is your site?

Our datacentre is manned and monitored 24/7/365 with biometrics and card access to all secure areas.


What suppliers do you use?

We currently use Gamma to help us provide our voice services, and we are currently looking in to partnering with a much broader range of suppliers.

I’m worried about using a connection for important voice and data services, how can you help?

We have recently upgraded our network, which enables us to offer edge-to-edge intelligence and ‘Quality of Service’ (QoS). This means that we can dedicate and prioritise all of your business-critical applications to ensure they run smoothly, such as voice, video and other real-time applications.


How long does it take to provision the firewall?

Our managed firewall service can be provisioned within around 10 working days.

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