How can a wireless leased line help your business?

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How can a wireless leased line help your business?

When talking about connectivity in one of our case studies Nick Hicks, Senior IT Support Analyst at HOK, said “As a global practice it is vital we can remain online and connected in order to deliver the best service to our clients.”

This is true of pretty much any business today and it’s a big reason for Luminet’s “Always On” service agreement. The assurance of never losing connectivity takes away a level of fear that can really cause business owners to lose sleep at night.

When it came to HOK’s case, Nick was referring to the fact that not only would Luminet’s wireless connection back them up in case of their fibre losing connectivity for any reason but it would be upgraded to match the speeds needed, moving from Luminet Wireless Lite to Wireless Pro in the case of an outage.

This provides security, speed, power and peace of mind to a business; all of these elements are present in Luminet’s offering of a wireless leased line.

How can a wireless leased line help your business?

We’ve previously described this in several ways, like a private lane on the motorway, your own private elevator and more but the reason we keep talking about it is because it solves a real issue businesses face on a daily basis.

A leased line in general saves you from having to share bandwidth with others and relying on the low internet usage of strangers when you critically need your fair share of it. No one wants their internet slowed down because the person in the next office is on a video conference call!

On top of this a wireless leased line means you don’t even have to wait for your building to be connected via fibre, a wait that can often take months, as Luminet’s wireless solution can be up and running within 10 business days, sometimes even less!


So all in all a wireless leased line is a fantastic solution whether to avoid lengthy wait times or simply to supplement the connection you already have. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of utilising any of our connectivity solutions reach out to Luminet and to learn more about our wireless leased lines, and the benefits thereof, click here.