About HOK

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm, with 1,800 employees operating from 25 offices around the world. HOK creates the building blocks of community: housing, workplace, recreation, shopping, health, leisure, education, science, aviation and transport.

The London office opened in 1987, with over 150 design professionals and a full-service offering with strategic alliances across 10 European cities. Recent projects for HOK’s London office include the BBC New Broadcasting House, the Francis Crick Institute, Fisher Street Apartments, The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Barts & The London NHS Trust and Gatwick’s £1 billion investment program in London; the Baku Flame Towers, Azerbaijan and Dubai Expo 2020, UAE.

HOK is committed to creating environments that make a profoundly positive impact on people’s lives. Each project is approached individually, without preconceptions, and designed to serve the unique needs and aspirations of the specific client and surrounding community.

The Challenge

In 2005 HOK was searching for a connectivity provider for its London office. The organisation’s corporate network is provided by an international service provider but the London office has the freedom to choose its own supplier for its internet connection.

HOK needed a provider that could meet its bandwidth needs at the right price point, while also offering business critical failover in the event of any downtime.


The Approach

After a competitive tender, HOK engaged Luminet to provide a 25Mbps Fibre connection, along with a 10Mbps Wireless back-up link, and has since upgraded the Fibre to 50Mbps. This connection carries all internet and email traffic to and from the London HOK office.

Nick Hicks, Senior IT Support Analyst comments; “As a global practice it is vital we can remain online and connected in order to deliver the best service to our clients. As a result Luminet has provided an antenna on the roof of our building for Wireless back-up connection which means that we are completely protected should an unfortunate incident occur, such as our Fibre line being cut. In addition to this, as part of Luminet’s ‘Always On’ service agreement, if this were to occur, our Wireless connection would be boosted to ensure we have the capacity we need to keep the office running. This is at no additional cost to us and offers us peace of mind.”

HOK has been a customer of Luminet for over 10 years and continues to be very happy with the service it receives. Hicks comments, “Luminet is a reliable company with a regular communication format so we are kept informed of any updates or changes to their services.”

Hicks was recently made aware that HOK had been making use of a service feature that allows HOK’s bandwidth use to scale at peak times above the contracted capacity – valuable when users are sending volumes of large files to clients and between design teams. Using Luminet’s network intelligence, alerts to actual bandwidth usage patterns are reported to HOK, helping Luminet to adapt the service provision to best suit the company’s needs. Added flexibility is also offered should changes to the contracted capacity levels be required.

Asked about user experience among London office staff Hicks states; “We simply don’t get any complaints about the internet connection – it’s the best way to know you are doing something right. We would definitely hear about it if we weren’t!”

Luminet has a strong service record, there has been just one service outage in 10 years which was dealt with swiftly and effectively. Hicks; “My previous experience with connectivity providers lead me to expect an average of around 2-3 outages per year.”

Over the next two months the London office will be testing Luminet’s SIP service. Hicks; “We are investigating the option of moving to SIP in our London office and our head office is interested in seeing the results. It is important we have absolute reliability and Luminet has a proven track record – if we can have voice reliability at the same level as Luminet has achieved for our internet connection we will be on to a winner.”

Summary of key benefits:

  • Incredible uptime statistics
  • Truly resilient and diverse internet connectivity
  • The ability to add additional services under the same 100% SLA

About Luminet

Luminet provides organisations with the Connectivity, Communications, Computing and Security services that are essential to all businesses, but difficult to find without an enterprise budget. Understanding that IT requirements do not always fit stereotypical business size judgements, Luminet’s service suite is powerful and flexible, with the SLAs and customer support that every businesses should expect.

With innovative levels of intelligence, Luminet’s technology allows game-changing service assurance, application control, optimisation and even new business models. Bit, byte, SIM or IP level measurement, charging, prioritisation and authentication, together with best-value, industry-leading SLAs, and ISO9001 and ISO27000 certifications make Luminet the obvious choice.