Food Alert

About Food Alert

Working with customers from Wagamama to River Cottage and Gordon Ramsey to The Wolseley, Food Alert provides audits, training, risk assessments and consultancy services. Food Alert is a health and safety consultancy, advising and supporting restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs on food regulations and best practice.

The Challenge

In 2009, Food Alert was undergoing an office move and going through the usual process of looking for connectivity for its new office. Having used ADSL in the past, IT and Innovation Manager Dr John Williams knew he needed a faster connection – specifically one that provided a better experience for clients accessing the Online Resource Centre. Food Alert’s Online Resource Centre is a hub where clients can view their audits and log alleged food poisoning incidents to start the incident management process. Williams reasoned that the plan was to use “massive bandwidth so as to avoid any blockage for clients accessing the servers through the Resource Centre”.

Another key demand on the Food Alert connection would be made by the company’s 50 auditors, who use iPad Airs to work with auditing software while out and about undertaking their work.

Fibre seemed the most appropriate choice, but unfortunately Food Alert was sharing its new building with a bank that was already using all of BTs available Fibre lines. Food Alert reached out to BT to enquire about the options but received confusing responses with a lack of clarity over the roadmap for Fibre availability.

The Approach

Williams began investigating alternatives and discovered Luminet’s Connectivity portfolio – combining cable and wireless options. Initially the lack of BT Fibre lines lead to a decision to pair ADSL with Luminet’s 10Mbps Fibre-Air connectivity – as it is a completely independent wireless connection it can be installed by Luminet without any dependencies on other network.

Recently, with BT’s eventual provision of addition Fibre lines, Food Alert has been able to replace the ADSL part of the connection to realise its goal of a paired Fibre and Wireless connection from Luminet. This ‘Always On’ solution provides the company with true network resiliency and a 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) with an uptime guarantee.

Williams mentions that “using both Fibre and Wireless from Luminet gives us strong primary connectivity, and if there are any failures then we move automatically to the fully independent Wireless connection. Luminet is a very good and proactive company to work with, they kept in constant touch with us during the implementation.”

The Results

Food Alert now has a 50Mbps Fibre connection from Luminet, and is in the process of upgrading its 10Mbps Fibre-Air connection to 30Mbps in order to use it as a fully functional failover system.

For office-based staff, the connection powers all internet and Exchange Server traffic, as well as providing access to the company’s data servers – including its CRM system. Auditors in the field now have, according to Williams, both “a fast method of inputting with the iPad Air, and a connection that minimises delays in accessing information from the server with a fast pipe from Luminet.”

With their Connectivity needs being met so effectively by Luminet, Food Alert is now talking to the provider about services from its Computing portfolio. Williams; “We have a good back-up process but are looking into the ways that Luminet’s virtual data centre services can enhance that to really ramp up our disaster recovery – building additional resilience in the case of an incident.”

Williams believes that Luminet is a compelling service provider; “If you are a relatively small business, you need exactly the same resources and infrastructure as bigger businesses but at a cost you can afford. You’re always looking for the best technology your money can buy. With Luminet we are confident that all our systems are working excellently – all the time – so that we can deliver excellent customer service of our own.”

Summary of key benefits:

  • Flexible and scalable installation
  • 100% network uptime guarantee
  • SLAs that enable Food Alert to meet its own customer service expectations

About Luminet

Luminet provides organisations with the Connectivity, Communications, Computing and Security services that are essential to all businesses, but difficult to find without an enterprise budget. Understanding that IT requirements do not always fit stereotypical business size judgements, Luminet’s service suite is powerful and flexible, with the SLAs and customer support that every businesses should expect.

With innovative levels of intelligence, Luminet’s technology allows game-changing service assurance, application control, optimisation and even new business models. Bit, byte, SIM or IP level measurement, charging, prioritisation and authentication, together with best-value, industry-leading SLAs, and ISO9001 and ISO27000 certifications make Luminet the obvious choice.