What is so special about Luminet Wireless?

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We’re independent. That’s the key difference that enables us to provide a constant, dedicated and secure data connection to our customers.

We own our network independently, and we don’t rely on any other telecommunications supplier’s fibre-optic cabling, copper wires or electronic exchanges. This gives us a unique and powerful degree of power, control and flexibility to deliver an outstanding data service.

In a typical fixed line data connection, you’ll find that the so-called ‘last mile’ of physical wiring from the local exchange to your business premises is shared by ADSL and SDSL broadband services and leased line suppliers. Practically all businesses have to share this wired infrastructure (there’s no inexpensive, non-disruptive alternative), making their data connection subject to outages, fluctuations and heavy traffic in the fixed line service.

The only alternative for a fixed line network supplier is to dig up roads and lay cables to your premises, but this involves huge costs and massive disruption. Urban Wimax solves this problem.

Because our network is wireless, it’s completely separate from the ‘last mile’ of wiring. Our base stations resiliently connect your businesses with high capacity wireless links (using microwave technology) and fibre-optics. With Urban Wimax, your data connection is constant, reliable and secure, bringing greater value and adding swifter, smarter capabilities to your business services.