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The Construction sector is changing every day: 2016 saw the biggest changes to the London Skyline ever and the need for data connectivity has never been more paramount.

Here at Luminet, we understand that building and construction sites need great connectivity to keep things moving. We also know that your connectivity requirements can change at a drop of a (hard) hat! That is why we take great pride in introducing our 1GB wireless broadband service to provide your site with up to 1GB symmetrical broadband internet connectivity. Our service has been designed to provide networks for our construction customers that are:

  • Fast and Flexible High-speed internet connectivity to locations across London.
  • Tailored To Your Needs – services that offer very flexible contracts which can range from a single afternoon up to 12 months in order to meet your individual requirements.
  • Speedy Deployment – We can often get you up and running within seven working days.

Our range of onsite connectivity solutions can be rapidly deployed yet are guaranteed to be robust and are secure enough to ensure a very high quality of service, for all your needs.

We have seen construction customers’ requirements broaden to include WAN, Private cloud, VDC and cloud connects supported by ‘Always On’ networking that underpins our secure and hybrid computing solutions to help construction, architects and supply chain partners remain connected, secure, scalable and resilient.