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Sasha Williamson


A founding member of Luminet with 18 years’ experience of senior business roles in telecoms including GTT, Viatel Global, Primus and Worldcom with entrepreneurial experience in various industries.

Richard Robb FCA


A founding member of Luminet, Richard worked for BAe Systems for 12 years. Previous directorships include Microtel Communications, Bristol Development Corporation, and TransVisual.

Professor Ed Candy

Non-Executive Director

Professor Candy is a technologist of some repute. His most recognisable achievement is co-founding 3UK.

Robert Hayim


Robert has a range of experience of growing companies and PLC governance.

Pramit Patel

Pramit Patel

Finance Director

Pramit joined Luminet in 2017 and has 10 years of commercial and finance experience within Technology and Telecommunications businesses.

Sreenath Kamatham

Network Manager

Sreenath has more than 15 years of experience in managing networks and has previously worked for companies like Sky, BT and Cisco

Andrzej Tarnowski

Wireless Solutions Manager

Andrzej joined Luminet in 2009. Experienced in the delivery and design of connections from the construction to the events industry . Our in-house point to point wireless sales specialist

Vilyan Dimitrov

Head of Networks

Vilyan joined in November 2014, taking charge of Luminet's networks.

Jonathan Barnes

Sales Director

With over 20 years experience within Sales and Sales Management, Jonathan overseas all New Business Sales at Luminet and has been at the company for over 4 years.

Zahi Kozaily

Technical Director

Zahi joined Luminet in 2017 and has 14 years of experience in building and optimising wireless networks, notably within Telefonica, Nokia, Samsung and Vodafone.

John Balfour-Lynn

Channel Manager

John has over 30 years of experience working in reseller IT sales, and has been instrumental in delivering premium services to all sizes of private and public sector organisations.

Axel Focht

Operations Director

Axel has more than 20 years of experience in engineering, telecoms and e-commerce, including companies such as Telecom Italia, Telefonica O2 and Groupon.

Michael Hampton

Head of Managed Services

Michael has extensive experience when it comes to providing high-quality managed services for a wide range of clients.

Penona Chan

Customer Operations Manager

Penona joined the Luminet team after our acquisition of Vital International, and handles customer queries, delivery, and provisioning.

Nigel Yau

Service Delivery Manager

Nigel has over 10 years experience in Service Delivery and provisioning within the B2B Telecommunication sector.

Bryan Janes

NOC Team Leader

Bryan has worked at Luminet for over 5 years, and currently serves as the NOC Team Leader, dealing with our customer's technical issues and queries on a daily basis.

Awards and Accreditations