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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a peer to peer, intelligent and value leading relationship to all our small to mid-sized enterprise customers through innovation, technical excellence and the best customer experience.

Our mission highlights the values, ideas and principles behind the Luminet brand. What we promise to deliver to our customers and how we think differently to other telecommunications providers is an essential component of what we believe makes Luminet unique.

Luminet is the intelligent managed services provider, offering businesses Connectivity, Computing and Intelligent services and solutions. Luminet has a peer-to peer relationship with its customers and has the UK’s leading NPS customer satisfaction score of 42 in telecoms and technology. Combining a true customer centric organization with strong values, culture and capability together with technical excellence and best-value makes Luminet a partner of choice for business, supported by industry-leading SLAs, and ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Awards and Accreditations