Our History

Founded in 2004 by CEO Sasha Williamson, Luminet started life as Urban Wimax, providing businesses with secure, cost-effective, high-quality connections for data, voice and video.

From day one, we owned our network independently, enabling us to provide a constant, dedicated and secure data connection to our customers that does not rely on any other telecommunications supplier’s fibre-optic cabling, copper wires or electronic exchanges.

This unique degree of power, control and flexibility allowed us to deliver an outstanding data service and because our network employs both wireless and fibre-optic technologies, we are able to provide 100% availability via our combined “Always On” service.

The 2014 acquistion of Vital spurred the transition to Luminet, with the company becoming an intelligent managed services provider, delivering Connectivity, Communications, Computing and Security services. The combined portfolio features innovative levels of intelligence to support allows game-changing service assurance, application control, optimisation and even new business models.  Luminet has a powerful mixture of data centres, private cloud environments and a wholly-owned network, all of which enable intelligent measurement, authentication, application and network shaping and management – right down to the bit and byte, IP or SIM level.

Luminet provides the services and network intelligence usually only available to enterprises, with a price point and total cost of ownership that is designed for small businesses.