Internet for Professional Services

Managed Internet Services for Professional Services

With today’s workforce becoming increasingly mobile, the need for a reliable network that is accessible 24/7 becomes essential. With our core network boasting 100% uptime since 2005, you can be assured that your workforce will remain connected at all times.

Whether delivering small networks to link sites or business-grade internet access, our managed and secure products provide advanced technologies tailored to our customers’ needs.

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Features and Benefits

Luminet’s solutions are ideally equipped for the diverse needs of the professional services sector.


With networks accessible 24/7, Luminet can serve the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Always On

Zero downtime – and a 100% SLA to guarantee it.

End to end QoS

Putting your most essential applications first.

Tailored to your needs

Backup connections, enterprise-grade internet access, and anything inbetween.

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