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Introducing our IT Services

IT and computing companies require a trusted partner that ensures high-quality business connectivity and computing is delivered quickly and intelligently.

Many businesses across the UK trust in Luminet to deliver the right ICT solutions to its customers and can pay testament to how we have transformed the effectiveness of their IT communications. We are proud to have so many IT and computing partners willing to recommend our service.

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What our customers say
“Connected in just 22 hours – now that is business continuity!”
IT Lab
“It is no exaggeration to say that Luminet has provided a crucial key to securing the future of our business model.”

Features and Benefits

Luminet connects you and your customers with best-in-class managed services.

Speed of Deployment

Enterprise-class service – delivered to your customers in record time.

Changing Comms

VoIP, Lync & Exchange, and SIP to revolutionise the way your customers communicate.

Fully Managed Services

We think about IT so you and your customers don’t have to.

Leading-edge Technology

Luminet will keep you ahead of the curve.

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