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Business Benefits of Cloud

Rethinking the Business Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud computing is interesting as both a technology and operations model, but what impact does it have on the business? The traditional answers have been cost reduction and business agility, but the cloud offers a wide range of additional benefits, including revenue growth—through new business models, global market expansion, accelerated innovation, and enhanced customer experience and satisfaction—as well as risk mitigation. Moreover, while the cloud can reduce the cost of IT, the way in which it does so is more nuanced than the simplistic argument that “the cloud is cheaper due to economies of scale” would suggest.

Hybrid Clouds: the Best of Both Worlds

There are several compelling reasons that companies are increasingly viewing hybrid cloud solutions—constructs that couple multiple components such as private resources and public cloud services—as their target end state, rather than merely an interim step towards running all applications in the public cloud. Although there are a number of variations of hybrid architectures, they offer numerous advantages over a forced choice of one or the other. These advantages can include lower total cost, enhanced performance, greater availability and resiliency, reduced time to market and time to volume, enhanced user experience, and increased flexibility.

CA Technologies IT Downtime Whitepaper Part 1

CA Technologies has commissioned independent research to explore European organisations’ experiences of IT downtime and data recovery. Data analysis from the 1,808 organisations surveyed across 11 countries has provided invaluable insights into how organisations are affected by IT downtime.

Can You Afford an E-mail Outage?

Email is the single most important tool in helping employees to get work done in organisations of all sizes. Most email users have become so dependent upon their corporate email system, that they check email almost constantly while at work, at home on weekdays and weekends, while travelling, and also while on vacation. As a result, it is vital that your business avoids any possible internet outages. Find out how in this whitepaper.

The One Essential Guide to Disaster recovery: How to Ensure It and Business Continuity

IT managers have been – or soon will be – tasked to find ways to mitigate, eliminate or minimise as cost-effectively as possible the risks and effects of unplanned outages on their business. And, even more importantly, their executives will want assurances that information assets (e.g. data and applications) can remain available no matter what happens.

This whitepaper details how to ensure your business has the right systems in place for business continuity.

The Cost of Downtime

Calculating lost staff productivity due to downtime can often be a difficult task, with results that over-simplify the problem. These practical calculations by Advanced7 will help you find the real cost of downtime.

CA Technologies – The Avoidable Cost of Downtime Phase 2

CA Technologies commissioned independent research to explore companies’ experiences of IT downtime.

Vision Solutions – Assessing the Financial Impact of Downtime

This whitepaper by Vision Solutions will help you understand the factors that contribute to the cost of downtime and accurately calculate its total cost to your organisations.

The paper highlights some of the better-documented tangible costs, as well as the sometimes overlooked intangible costs associated with downtime.

Elfiq – Business Continuity – Proactive Telecom Strategies for Decision Makers

Most organisations have created a dependency on the ability to access the Internet for information searches, financial transactions, customer interaction and much more. Therefore, ensuring 100% network uptime is crucial in order for most organisations to run efficiently.

This whitepaper by Elfiq Networks highlights how downtime can impact on an organisation that does not have an effective business continuity plan in place.

Elfiq – Making Email Resilient Through Telecommunications

Since the explosion of the Internet, email has become an essential tool for businesses and, in most cases, the dominant form of communication with customers and partners. This whitepaper by Elfiq Networks highlights the importance of email continuity and the importance of making sure it is always available.

Network First – The Impact of Network Downtime on Business Today

This whitepaper by Networks First highlights the importance the role of IT plays in today’s business world, and how downtime can impact on organisations across the UK.

Pivot DCI – Colocation. Colocation. Colocation. – Considerations That Impact Your Business:

Is Co-Location Right For Your Business?

This whitepaper by Pivot Data Centres further highlights how Colocation services can be of benefit to you, no matter what type of organisation you are in.

Internap – A Colocation Buyers Guide: What You Should Know Before Making a Colocation Decision

Choosing a colocation provider is a strategic business decision that evolves from thoughtful consideration. It is important to know what to look for and the right questions to ask.

This eBook by Internap will highlight some of the key things you should know before making a colocation decision.

Vision Solutions – Business Continuity: Measuring Your Returns on Your Business Investment

IT-related business continuity investments are often considered to be mere insurance policies for many organisations. However, this whitepaper by Vision Solutions argues that the return on investment from business continuity is very real and rewarding. Find out how and why by downloading the paper.

UK Fast – Calculating the Cost of Downtime

This paper by UK Fast highlights the impact of internet downtime, explaining some of the main causes behind it and some suggestions on how to combat downtime within your organisation.

Businesses that have experienced the effects of downtime will be able to tell you just how much of an inconvenience it is. However, as well as the obvious disruptions to work, finances and overall staff productivity, what many businesses fail to consider is the effect that downtime has on their customers and their brand.

Elfiq Networks – Building a Strong Telecom Strategy While Reducing Costs

Regardless of the economic context, organisations are constantly looking to enhance their overall productivity, competitiveness and performance while controlling costs, if not reducing them.

This paper by Elfiq Networks looks at how you can improve your IT infrastructure and strategy, which will ultimately help you to reduce costs.